[SOLVED] Bonus Chest for 10 heros summon gives 2 star items

Hello, did anyone noticed that on the chest for 10 heros pull on the season 4 summon, you get 2 star items? Ores and leaves and mushrooms. In the description is stated that the reward will contain GUARANTEED epic and rare items. It is not ok.

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Yes this is nonsense… a bonus chest should give loot like this…

But today gave this crap…

But watching pulls on you tube it seems other people are getting the usual bonus chest
What gives?
Even the style of the graphic is different!!
If it had been nerfed (surprise surprise), then why is it not the same for everyone

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This isbfrom a fellow alliance member

You got epic/ rare ascension item. It’s possible someone at SG figured out the wording does not say “only rare and epic”.

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You did get your hidden blade. That’s your guaranteed 3AM yah.

No guarantee on the other 2 rolls.

If all 3 rolls are guaranteed, then the wording would be : Bonus Chest contains ONLY rare and epic items. One guaranteed Rare and Epic Ascension item.

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The bonus chest has changed, its nothing to do with getting 4 star mats… just look at it !!

The graphics are different and there are now 2 star items included. I’m guessing this has been nerfed in the latest update, but no announcment was made to say so, and some people are still getting the old chest, probably because they haven’t updated.

The old chest never contained these, it was always 2x4 star items and 1 x 3 or 4 star acension item. As in the graphic above. SG nerfing loot without reason or notification.


Thanks for the reports, we’ll investigate this here!


This has been fixed now, thank you again for letting us know and my apologies for the issue!


Thank you, but I pulled 3 chests. Maybe I would have gotten a 4* item out of this. Please reset my chest back. Is that possible?. Have a nice day. Respectfully yours, Ciprian.

Mod edit showing personal details.

Hi @Vancea, I’m sorry to say but it is not possible for us to reset that chest. You may contact support and we can look into this in more detail. Make sure to add the date and time when you collected the chest if possible, this will speed up the investigation.

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Thank you for your response. Nothing is possible with you guys, except to take our money. I will not take any more action, but I will remember that and act accordingly in the future.

Have a nice day.


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