[SOLVED] Baldur language error in spanish

My Baldur has a mix in languages.


If you could a little more information would be nice, majority of the fourm is English speaking.
People will be Albe to help with the issue

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On the card as shown in the pic, second “special” is in cyrillic alphabet, don’t know how many people in Spain (or zones in the world where spanish is spoken) are familiar with that…

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Ok that’s more info kinda looks czech or Russian,
@DaveCozy @littleKAF
Could have a issue.

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@Petri @KiraSG looks like there’s a translation issue

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Mine has another legend, but also incorrect:

What language is your card based on and which part is incorrect.

My main language is Spanish, and it is wrong in this sentence:


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Is the pic at the start in Spainish aswell or could that be form Brazil Portugal they kinda similar languages, (don’t hate me as I knoe there beef when people say that) haha :joy:
It’s just the 2nd post says it’s spainish too and there now two people saying it’s Spanish, but both cards are different.

Mine is spanish as well. At first I had the same issue with the text saying especials.v2.property… but after forcing E&P app to stop the russian text appears

The issue has been resolved, if you are experiencing this, please “kill” and restart the app.

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