[SOLVED] Back to old tricks? Change to Mercing and Dev Response


Bit of a mystery, but thank you @rook for your sensible response :slight_smile:

And @almeida I was also pleased to see the staff respond so promptly.

I understand some of the lack of trust but I think it was about 6pm on a Friday in Finland, so it was likely that the programmers had left for the day, leaving the forum staff to try to give a bit of a politicians answer.


It was more like 10pm :wink: . At least I saw the posts very soon and it was almost 10 pm where I live, so an hour later in Finland…


Thats not a matter of complaints, it’s a matter of treating us like fools.
A simply honest “i’m sorry” will do it for me, no tokens, flasks or whatever.
It is a BS as it is, and it shows clearly their intentions.
Always testing how far they can go before someone notice.

Now, if you are all right with that, good for you.
Your faith in humanity is so cute.

But if i suddenly find someone in my daughters bed, i tend to not trust him if it says that it accidentally fall inside it.


Mercs become a problem for SG with the implementation of wars. They want to have less movement of players between alliances to help them with matchmaking algorithm. Maybe they do some tests, some simulations…Personally I don’t care, we are 30, we are not accepting mercs even if we gonna loose the titan for 100 k.


I don’t think that the problem with AW matching is mercs. it is rather clear when the calculation is done. And if you had 10 mercs in your alliance who leave just before the war starts, it doesn’t need a math-professor to add 1 and 1.


Exactly my thoughts too. My husband has been doing unix/linux/ubuntu/aix, etc for over 20yrs and we talk extensively about coding, patching, updating and such. I don’t see how it wasn’t intentional. That’s a large message and background query code to go to only those who are new in an alliance and as such is not just a character or single code line input. Maybe put to live when only should have been on test machines but if that was so then simply using the previous backup to restore before this message could occur would/should be implemented and that does not take days. Come on SG don’t forget your customer demographics house a large portion of the programming community.


So by only disabling you meant for it to be there. If you don’t want something in the code you take it out. It is not as hard as you make it sound.


Yes, exactly! Wish I could like your comment more!


Okay that’s it, we should be friends! Add me on Line(if you have) please. ID: Meltigger.


Glad you are working on it but having it there poses another thought for me. Have you considered how this kind of rule will effect building alliances? It is time consuming already to be a leader, do good for yourself as a player, help provide support for your mates so they too see growth, help your alliance gel as one AND fill open spots with folks who fit with your team! However. We do because we love the community here. Unlike any I have ever seen in terms of camaraderie for something like a video game! That’s as leaders.
As a member it goes from: “alright in this alliance for x number of _____, but just isn’t the place for me bc of ___.” So you look around, talk to everybody or just lurk in some chats and “oh look a new home!” Request to join, accepted, welcomed, down to business hitting Titans and prep for war(bc that never stops). BUT, throw in having to be in an alliance b4 Titans are up and many may think. Eh never mind and they leave the game instead of just the alliance. Trust me it’s already good don’t complicate the freaking crap out it.


We have now fixed the issue and you should not receive this error message any more. My apologies for anyone who faced this error.

Please do report here if you experience this again!