[SOLVED] Autocorrect & Autocapitalization no longer working in Chat iOS update 24.0 (Fixed in v25.1.2)

I hope SG fixes this soon. Many of the people in my alliance, including me, use iOS devices. Many of us are so frustrated that in game chat has basically dried up. It’s impacting morale, which will in turn affect whether people play the game at all. Please make this a priority @Petri. Thanks


@Oblivion, May I suggest having your alliance DL LINE, free and very easy to use. It’s saved me from losing the remaining portion (about walnut size, I may still be able to be a T-Rex in checkers) of my mind. Plus it great for sharing links/pics/info of any kind. Not to mention there’s the middle finger emote (IMO the BEST reason to use it)

P.S I’m suggesting this because although I believe it should be a priority, I do not believe SG feels the same. It also may be more difficult to fix than we realize. Whatever the reason, it may be awhile

Reporting latest update did NOT correct this issue.

In my simple mind…just back out the changes made in 24 that pooched the autocorrect and viola…problem solved.

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Now that would be to easy :joy:

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Why can’t this get fixed guys? Make it a priority please. It’s simply ridiculous that this has gone on now for 5-6 weeks with no resolution. It’s as if you don’t care and that is a shame considering how much money iOS users are spending on the game. Seriously, fix it.


Well to their credit, SG announced it is known.

To their detriment, it seems they’re more focused on rolling out new features then fixing what those new features broke.


Yeah @Tygrant, I was hoping a fix would be instituted in this latest update…but the snow looks nice? :joy:

As others have said, version 25 did not fix autocorrect. Can we get an update on what’s happening here and if there is actually work being done to fix chat feature? Thanks!

I think this holds the answer… Anytime something has to go to the outside or partner company the fix takes longer than normal. It’s also normally a big issue that they don’t have the knowledge, expertise and/or resources to fix.

While this route does take longer, I’m personally glad that SG has taken the time to prioritize it enough to get it worked on ASAP. Even if that means realizing they can’t work on it in-house.

That being said, I am happy to announce that I have become proficient in a new language! I can now add ‘typo’ to the Languages section of my resume. :smirk:


Lmao @LadySuzanne, I didn’t realize that would be a useful skill. I’m just glad I have an iron clad excuse for my lack of ability spelling words correctly.

“het giys this danm vhst is rudivukous!!”

Yup, just the ■■■■ chat not working correctly, nothing to do with the walnut sized brain over here :man_shrugging:t3:

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Unacceptable. Fix it now. There is no reason why spellcheck does not work on IOS devices. You are hurting players gameplay.

Well… it not working clearly gives credence to there being a reason… Just saying…

As for “Fix it now” well they are working on it… if you read post #160 in this thread the SGG Staff have said they are working on it with an external partner as it’s beyond their in-house skills & capabilities.


Is there an update on this? Would have thought it would have loaded with the most recent update.

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And while they are doing things NOW!!! Teach me how to spell encyclopedia!!! FFS!!! You don’t know how often that word come up in our alliance chat.
Also please give me a Lady of the Lake…just one will do I don’t want to seem greedy.

Edit: Although I 100% commiserate with @Keyz, its driving me, and my alliance that has to deal with my nonsense, nuts!

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OH> MY> GAD! PLEASE FIX THIS! Not spending another penny on this game until it’s fixed. Talk with your wallets people!

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When it goes to an external company’s there isn’t much they can do to hurry it along…

It’s like the kid in the backseat… “Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet?”


Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Sure are Jr, hop on out…Daddy, Mommy why are you driving away? There may be bears in these woods

Moral of this story?

“We can only hope”

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I sent an email about this asking when it would be resolved. In the response it said they were unaware of any issues that would affect auto-correct on ios. That tells me all I need to know about how serious they think this problem is.

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Me too,… well I did’t know this post, I though it was my iPhone’s keyboard setting is wrong :man_facepalming:

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I’m not sure how SG’s business is structured, but where I work it often happens that the devs know something but those in another department do not. My guess - The complaint was read here, it was quickly investigated and then sent to the outside partner to correct. Your email likely went to the customer service department (person, group, whatever).

While it’s possible that they are ignoring this complaint completely besides checking in here and having a good laugh, it’s more likely that the communication between departments/people was dropped. This is a business… what purpose (besides a good laugh) would they have for ignoring it? Not a good way to keep customers.


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