[SOLVED] Autocorrect & Autocapitalization no longer working in Chat iOS update 24.0 (Fixed in v25.1.2)

Ugh, yes, it’s been driving me batty. Makes me want to stop chatting with my alliance, which isn’t good.


Sadly chat has never been a top priority of SG despite the fact a majority of people are here for the social aspect of the game (I.e. chat) so while it is annoying there has be no acknowledgement yet, it isn’t a surprise. I even sent in a ticket about 9 hours ago and no response except the automated response.

The same issue. And scrolling to correct is not working.

I expect there is a queue for tickets and yours will be got to in line. :slight_smile:

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Hey @Chuck. Whether it’s a priority or not, that’s TFB. Many of us are spending $$$$ (and lots of it) in order to play this game. Chatting is not just for social reasons. It’s integral to Alliance and team strategy.
After the 30% commission that app stores take (on average), Small Giants is still raking in millions.
I’m sure they can afford techs and developers that can put together an update that does not ruin your gaming experience.
This is what I saw when I went to play in today’s war

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This is the worst thing I’ve encountered thus far in the game. Lmao.


Aww you poor thing lol. I have android and i dont remember ever havin autocorrect in the game


Will it do any good to submit a bug report? Like maybe the more bug reports they see the more attention it might get. Squeaky wheel and all that. I checked their web site and it does not show this as a known issue or an issue at all.


I use it so I can have the full names of my members. It’s a real pain not having it.
I will submit a ticket.

Idk what it means, but i can. :slight_smile:

Thank you. I will submit one as well.

Thanks @Johnx Appreciate it.

I submitted one yesterday morning, still no response. Shame on me I guess for expecting a product I have spent money on to work properly or at least for the people responsible for the product to acknowledge they are looking into the problem.

Thank you for the reports! We have passed this to our QA team to investigate further. I’ll mark this as a known issue.


the new hero Finley comes with mistake … instead of doing -34 defense to all heroes is just doing a hero thanks …

Mine was working fine until the Halloween artwork update this morning.

Can you also mention that update 24.1 failed to include the fix for chat (autocorrect, autocompletion, autocapitalization) in iOS?

Since the change to Halloween artwork, autocorrect, autocapitalization, word suggestions are no longer available. Takes forever to type anything.

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Welcome to the forum! Good place to go for help and learning.

You aren’t the first to notice this issue. See here.


Even with this most current update to 24.1, the chat issue has not been resolved. Can someone please fix it? Thanks.