[SOLVED] Atlantis Rising recruit reduction

Hi all, so I was using my tickets to rush through S2: 15-9 normal and noticed that there was a major drop in the number of recruits I would normally get from past atlantis rising events. Looking at the info from Barry’s Farming stats, I was right in that the amount of recruits received has dropped.

In Barry Farms Here guide, 15-9 should give 7.58 recruits per WE for a total of about 30. However, I have been getting only 20 recruits total(5 recruits per WE). What happened, is this another ninja nerf?


For me i noticed that as well but the drop rate for kits have been increased and i love it that way :rofl::rofl:

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I’m noticing it too. Time to record it and see how bad it really is

@zephyr1 does this belong in the bug report section?


Seems like a reasonable spot for it.

I moved the thread.


Yep, Im seeing about 20 recruits per ticket at 15-9 normal as well :frowning:

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what do you expect from a little fraud company? they selling 20 mana potions for 1000 gems and advertising as special deal


Major drop in everything!
I’m farming 15-9 daily, and loot is the same.

I would like, just once, to see the “bug” that will give me 2 telescopes in one run, or something like that


Eesh, that’s a little harsh lol


Lol It was going to be my first time farming Atlantis .
Guys stop doing public the good things about the Game they do Nerf in the past they would do again

Seems recruit drops were nerfed all around. And it isn’t the “double loot” not kicking in, because it isn’t a 100% reduction… still disappointing.

Thank you for reporting this and my apologies for the issue! We are currently investigating this here and hope to resolve the issue as soon as possible.


I notice the same here as well, and alliance ia also ‘complaining’ about the decreased drops.

@BarryWuzHere what do you need for input to help you make this more clear?

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YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYYAYA!!! Not a nerf, just a bug!!!

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compensation would be nice, maybe some atlantis coins, i have already burned bunch of flags and tickets

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Escpecially since they value as 10 Gems per loot ticket lol :smiley:

I am so disappointed I waited all month and I’m glad someone from sg actually acknowledged that they were trying to fix it, as I said in other post, it’s sad only shame of what I spend kept me playing this morning…is it only 15-9 not.working right?

Making this Atlantis rises last longer would be a nice compensation…

oh and dont be stingy on coins, tickets and flasks are valuable resource expensive/hard to obtain

Does this also include all materials? I haven’t done the statistics, but it seems like I get less backpacks than I used to from s2.1-2Normal as well? Is there an error with all the loot, ie. we don’t get the 50% bonus loot?

Looks like other loot is increased. Did 36 WE on s2.1-2 Normal and got 38 backpacks. More than I would deem likely on regular atlantis for 12 levels.

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