[SOLVED] Athena's defense debuff calculation incorrect?

That’s what I thought too initially, but @Garanwyn and I have been futzing with it on LINE and it’s not working quite that way either.

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Nope. I’ve tried all variations of that. The math doesn’t work that way.

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How much numbers are off that way?

Is it more or less?

Let’s take row 4 in the table:


853 * -40.23% = -343

853-343 = 510

First Hit:

510 * -4% = -20

-343 - 20 = -363

-363/853 = -42.56%

The actual measured value is -369

-369/853 = -43.25%

As a percentage, the measures delta is:

369-343 = 26

26/510 = 5.1%

Ok, so the estimated defence debuff is actually lower (or less high) then what we actually see.

Could be troops messing up with that?
I mean, even troops get recalculated every step?

I’m just spouting whatever comes to my mind @_@
I really don’t know why things must always be so complicated.

I hear you. I’ve tried even very odd permutations, like taking the 4% off the base defense. None of that works.

It’s very clear to me that the algorithm is:

True_Debuff = Official_Debuff * (100% - 2% * (# Hits + 1))

I can imagine ways that might have happened by error. But it would be good to have someone look at it.


Hi @KLinMayhem,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and thank you for everyone who has put in the effort so far to delve into the stats.

@KLinMayhem, would you be so kind as to submit a support ticket in relation to this issue? We can then look into it on our end.

Please include the screenshots you have taken along with the time and date (including time zone) of the battle you experienced this issue in (if it’s an ongoing issue, please pick any battle and we can work with that for now).

We look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


Just to pull that thread, I’ve looked at around 10 different Athena raid examples from 3 different people’s accounts, with Athena on both offense and defense. This behavior is very consistent. Anyone with an Athena should be able to reproduce it.


I know a ticket should be raised as well, i just tried with khoina as she has a similar idea of the buff but with attack, seems like the first one is calculated accurately (45%+) then after that there is a small difference of around 2 points only
Also the troops attack is taken into consideration while raising the attack

Here are screenshots for no buff, 45% attack, 65% attack
I will try to get the 85% but 3 turns are really low
@Garanwyn and @zephyr1 try to find these 2 missing points :stuck_out_tongue:


His troop isn’t suffering the percentage loss - just him?

I will open a support ticket shortly for this. Thanks!


well for some reason the math almost on this one works
65%-21% from troops = 44%

Two observations:

  1. That’s -485, as in the amount to subtract from 868. It’s not that the new total defense is -485.

868 - 485 = 383 is the target you’re going for

  1. You can’t double-count the troops like that. They’re a 21% bonus on top of the base of 718, not on top of 868.

These numbers coincide in this particular case because because at 6 hits, the derate is to 86% of the total:

86% * -65% =-55.9%

-55.9% * 868 = -485

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Support case submitted with video/screenshots and link to this thread. w00t

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oh and in the case of Sartana, the reduction would be 559 since everything rounds down.

Reduction ReducedDefense
868 41.00% 355 513
2nd 4.00% 34 479
3rd 4.00% 34 445
4th 4.00% 34 411
5th 4.00% 34 377
6th 4.00% 34 343
7th 4.00% 34 309
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@Garanwyn, feel free to share any of the videos I sent you if you need more proof. Even the ones where I less than win. :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Since SG is already on the case, the best thing to do would be to open a support ticket and shoot them a representative video from that set. All your data is embedded in the table I put together above.

I had initially suspected that each additional hit was reducing the defense from the already reduced number. when you apply that to Sartana, you get a reduction of 463 though, not 485.

Reduction ReducedDef
868 41% 355 513
4% 20 493
4% 19 474
4% 18 456
4% 18 438
4% 17 421
4% 16 405
Total: 463

I’ve tried every variation I can think of. A 2% derate per hit, with an initial 2% derate, is what fits the data.

Hm. And what about Athena against titans then?

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