[SOLVED] Athena's defense debuff calculation incorrect?

At 41% reduction:


At 57% reduction:


At 65% reduction:


The math just isn’t adding up. For the 65% reduction, Eve should have a reduction of 563, not 484. At least according to the description. 484 reduction is only 55%.

Anyone else looked at this before?


I tried many calculations the only thing i could get near is removing the troops extra defense and add 2 nods of defense from talent and its not even 100% accurate
I will try to test it with other heroes as i dont have athena

The Eve I went up against has 748 base defense. at 41% reduction, it should only be 306 pts reduced, not 349.

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Hmm dam haven’t double checked the numbers before. Interesting find Klin

Can anyone else post some screenshots if you have Athena? Thx

Base def of 718 with a lvl 18 crit trip, 21% defense bonus.

Can you find a target with a bigger spread in the defense value? 1 point is hard to draw lines through…

Dont understand your question

The two defenses you show screenshots on start at 867 and 868 respectively. There’s not enough spread between them to determine what is going on when the debuff is applied. Find someone with a much higher or much lower defense so we can see some differentiation.

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I’ve asked @Hrairoo to try to grab some video too, since she also has Athena.

The behavior is very odd, and I certainly don’t have a good theory as to why it’s doing what it’s doing.

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506 reduction is only 53% reduction (rounding down). Way off from 61%



What’s his base health?

Assume you mean his defense.

13% defense bonus from lvl 10 crit troop. It’s not calculating from base. It would be -483 if it was at a 61% reduction.

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Yup. D’oh. Thanks!

Yeah, like I said, I have no idea what’s going on. Just trying to get enough data for maybe something to click, explanation-wise.

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It looks like there is a sliding de-rate in the amount of Athena’s debuff. Where this comes from, or why, I don’t know. But it looks quite consistent.

    0 1 2 3 4 5 6
Hero Def -41% -45% -49% -53% -57% -61% -65%
Thorne 943 -40.30%     -48.78%      
Khiona 798 -40.23%         -53.63% -55.89%
G. Panther 771 -40.21%     -48.77% -51.36%   -55.90%
Lianna 853 -40.21% -43.26%          
Isarnia 746 -40.21%         -53.62%  
Zimkitha 776 -40.21% -43.30%          
Lianna 825 -40.24% -43.30%          
    -40.23% -43.29%   -48.77% -51.36% -53.63% -55.90%
  Percent of Claimed 98% 96%   92% 90% 88% 86%

The equation for the de-rate appears to be:

True_Debuff = Official_Debuff * (1 - 0.02 * (# Hits + 1))

So at 0 hits, the debuff is 98% of the official debuff (-40.2% instead of -41%). And it loses another 2% off of the official debuff for each additional hit, at least up through the 6 hits I have data on.


I’ll add that if this is a bug, it’s a very odd kind of bug. It looks intentional to me. I would be very interested in hearing why Athena debuffs less than the advertised amount.

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Have you tried using Isarnia to see if it is only an Athena’s problem?

I mean, the first debuff is already a bit off.
Is it the same for Isarnia?

If yes, then probably there’s something we don’t know for all debuffers.

I’ve tried Grimm. The ramming pulverisers are spot on. Well, -34.05% debuff on the targets I tried. Good enough for government work :slight_smile:

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NVM, i probably understand how it works.

The first turn is more or less right.
The next turns are a bit different, as the defence debuff is first subtract from the total defence, and then the further 4% is calculated (and the same for all the other turns)

So if you use Thorne as refence with 943 defence we had.

After the first hit 943-41% = 556,37

Then 556,37*4% = 22,2548
556,37 - 22,2548 = 534,1152 (2nd turn defence)

And so on…

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