[SOLVED] Animation sound error

I noticed as per today, some of heroes’ final animations sound have disappeared. I tried using Bertila and Season 1 5*star heroes with snake circle animation, and their animations sound so weird. For example they last sound of Azlar’s animation is supposed to be the sound of Lion’s roar, but now it disappeared. Has anyone noticed that? Thank you.


Thank you for letting us know! We will look into this here and update the topic once we know more.


This has happened with a number of heroes. Especially among the S1 heroes which have animations involving the moving rune circle with greek symbols around the outer edge (Magni, Azlar etc). The visual effects work as intended but after the cymbal effect to signify the special being triggered it goes silent.

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Same problem here. Was wondering what happened

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I noticed this with Lliana Magni and Marjana also

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Hi mates! :wink::v:
Yup, same here, i noticed that it affects all the 5* S1 that have the great seal at the begin of their animation, basically no further sound of crashed ice, roots, burning fire, laser shot…nothing!!! From the S1 the only immune seems to be Khagan, Domi, Elk and Kadi!!! But not only S1, Telly is :mute: as well as Lepus from a my alliance friends!!


I’ve noticed this too as well. Specifically, with Fogg and Quenell. Most of the sound effects from their special skills are gone now.

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Same to me. I can not hear end of sound special spells.

Same here. both sartana and Joon sound are silent

@ElleBlack90 / @Petri

Some other heroes are affected too.

I can confirm the issue with Magni, Lianna, Marjana, Joon, but as I see other are mentioned these above.

In my alliance they are mentioning Diaochan too as an effected hero.

Maybe it is worth to check all other heroes too.


The same with harpoons, sound effect is not there. Or rather, the second part, the hit, is not there.

Hi All,

I noticed yesterday that Marjana has no sound effect while firing her special anymore. Just silent…Anyone having the same issue? My Marjana has 19 embles, limit broken, no costume.


It is already reported here:


It’s the sound effect of the S1 animation that’s bugging the other sound effects. Even the tornados have no wind effect

Quenell, Mother North, Elizabeth, Morel, Phileas Fogg, Diaochan, Sir Roostley, Wang Yuanji, Bertilla, Leonidas, Joon, Marjana, Master Lepus, Azlar, Horghall, Yang Mai, Thorne, Rokkamush, Sartana, Quintus, Richard, Vivica, Justice, Elena, Isarnia, Sudri, Magni, Sapphire, Boomer

Well, I try these heroes and can confirm the issue. Actually, all of them using the same beginning audio before its “hit or heal audio” (I don’t know how to name it) which is not playing. I hope it helps because without the proper audio game is no fun for me at all. And also, ludwig’s animation is still buggy.


Here are two more from a viewer: Theres Sound Missing, example Joon hitting His Ray at 8:10 or Zim at 7:50.

I’ve noticed the same happened to my War of Three Kingdoms heroes Diaochan and Wang Yuanji.
Both Special Skill animations are soundless since the update to the version 48.0.0

Since the update to the version 48 the sound efects of Diaochan and Wang Yuanji special skills became mute. Why did it happen?
Are there any other heroes with the same issue?

Lot of other heroes have the same issue since V48:



Dark Lord is another with that same symbol but does not have the ray sound.

Phileas Fogg used to have a little sound at the very end like a whoosh or something that is gone now.