[SOLVED] An unmaxed Sif reduces incomming damage more than when maxed?

I think this is not supposed to be this way. :sweat_smile:


Does look odd…

Typo maybe?

Beta I don’t think anyone actually summoned and levelled the hero… Just got given them go test…

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I think the percentages are indicating the opposite of what it should. Maybe its showing the amount of damage you will get instead of the avoided damage.

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I messaged the Small Giant Staff to give them a heads up about this, since it does seem like it would be incorrect.


Thank you for reporting. The issue should be fixed, if you are experiencing this please restart your app.


Now 36 instead of 64 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the fix.
Although, if that bug did work then this fix nerfed my Sif… :pensive:
I do suppose a cookie would be a nice compensation. :thinking:

Have I been a good boy? :dog2:
Do I get a :cookie: now?

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