[SOLVED] Alliance wars defeated player (0 points)

Just defeated a player in the wars and it gave me a 0 score and the players defense team is still there.


Me too :frowning:
I fight on First minute od war and on end fight I have 3 heros

I took out 3 of Higgboss’ 5 herpes our ongoing AW. When I attacked him again right after all he’s heroes had reapawned. Thx for ruining two if my best teams in this AW. Great work developed!

You might have connectivity issues? Check for a real staple connection then it works properly

Have the same problem. Emeny had one hero left with few health, but no piinrs

I had the same problem just now and my connection was just fine… @Petri

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I also took out an opposing player and received 0 points.

I have the exact same issue. Defeated enemy, got my congratulations. Then it says you earned 0 for you alliance, enemy is alive, but my flag is gone and my heroes are now unavailable. I did not have a “connection “ issue.

Me too. It registered my first and 3rd win but my 2nd did not and used my heroes and not the win.

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Same here!! Wiped out a team and not one of my heroes died… got 0 points and lost my heroes
This last patch was the crappiest thing SG has done for a long time… Delilah and Thoth still broken


Same issue here - our War just startes and 2 of my players took out a team in one sweep and got 0 points for it. IMMEDIATE ATTENTION REQUIRED.


Add another. First two attacks registered correctly, but zero points on my third attack even though I wiped my opponent (pry0maniac). Flag also gone. Opponent was still standing at full health after the wipe.

Happened to someone in our alliance as well… also looks like it happened to one of our opponents
We are Abusement Park … petri please check what’s going on … this war should be cancelled

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0ur Alliance is Peace Warriors - opponents are The Autumn Wind. Not sure if they are experiencing it too - they have not hit much yet, though 1 of their players did have a 0 hit on the third try after full points in 2 clean sweeps, so possibly…

Addendum: also no connection issues involved.

@Petri, this happened to us 4 times too! Please fix this as soon as possible!

Edit: I also have connection issues every war AND ONLY during war. Caused me a lot of lost attacks/heroes already…

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Same problem here…

The same problem with Delilah and the war.We need to stop the war until the bug is fixed.

Seems to be involving Deliah and Thoth on defense

Thanks for letting us know and my apologies for the problem! We’re currently investigating this issue. If you experience this again, please create a new support ticket (using the in-game support button) with as much details as possible (this will help us trying to understand the issue better).