[SOLVED Alliance War bug

So, me and my Alliance found a bug in the wars, a serious one that can lead your alliance to lose…

One of our weakest member died pretty early but every time she upgraded a hero she was revived…

This happened 2 times before we could know what was the problem…

So, for everyone participating in the Wars DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR HEROS…


Yeah, leveling heroes outside your main defense (5 heroes), has no effect on this.

I’m sure @Petri will be investigating your bug as posted.

Another bug?

how does one player get 12 points from killing no one?

Points are based on health taken away. So no need to kill to get points


I see, thought it was from kills. Was the point system explained somewhere I missed?

It keeps changing. The new max score for wiping an alliance is now 1119 instead of 2000.
They removed bonuses for getting the last kill on a team

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Ah! Wow would’ve loved to know that before now lmao

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Hey guys, quick question, if you kill a couple of enemies from the opposing team but then die, does the following person to attack the team face up against the whole team or only the survivors?

Only the survivors…

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the only time a defense heals/respawns outside of an attack is if the entire team gets wiped. Then there’s a respawn timer.

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Thank you @Dante2377 and @Julia

Thanks for reporting the issue. Revival times and defeat bonus points will be fixed in the next war to ensure fairness for all players. Apologies for the inconvenience!


Upgrading troops count as well for the bug


So not getting bonus points for killing a whole team was not intended, yet it was/is a bug?

Please confirm this @Sara @Petri

Don’t need to level up a hero to trigger the bug, I fed 1 hero to one of my defenders, it didn’t level up, still got me back full in defence.

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After hearing about this bug I wasnt worried because all my heroes were stuck at 60 or maxed to 70. I proceeded to level a couple 3* heroes not on my defense team and it revived my dead team early. Ive heard others saying they leveled up their bench without the same outcome.

This is happening with our Alliance as well. A lower team dies and if a hero on the AW Def team is leveled they are reviving the whole team before the 4 hour timer has counted down. The end result is the other team is attacking the same lower players over and over again. Once we discovered it we asked players not to level those Heroes but it gets forgotten and accidentally done

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@Rilf - No intentional scoring changes were made; it is a bug and will be fixed for the next war.


Could the bonus be lowered then, perhaps? I kinda like it even without the bonus… seems more fair, in a way.