[SOLVED] Alliance leader incorrect in the description

May be related to the beta issue that was reported but it’s broken now in Live.

Persisted after a full client restart.

We’ve got the same Issue.

Thanks for reporting @Revelate, we’ll investigate this and hope to get it resolved soon!


It seems like the shown leader changes sometimes as hunting had shown others than Apollo. @Petri

1.11 specific; happens when someone on the new update changes their profile avatar.

Does not work when I try it on 1.10

Further information @Petri

Yes, it has to do with avatar, I thought not at first, but the “leader” briefly changed avatars after updating, and reverted to his old one

Same here with my alliance

Something odd now, one of ours did not see it changed, and I changed avatars and was leader, he still did not see it, 2 others, both will new version changed avatars, but “leadership” stuck with me.
The one not seeing it change was android, those whomsaw change were IOS

Hi, we are now implementing a fix to resolve this. We estimate the description of all Alliances to be fixed by midnight (Sat 24 Mar 0:00 UTC). Please note that this is just a visual issue and doesn’t affect any of the Alliance roles.


We have now fixed this issue. If you are still experiencing the incorrect description in your Alliance, please submit a new support request.