[SOLVED] Alliance Chat Messages Missing

I’ve been trying to get people to see my messages forever! I tried to sign out of Google play and go back in, shut my phone down, delete and reinstall but nothing is working. Am I banned or something?

What did you do to fix this… I see you in chat

There’s some bug where you’re banned from chat but it doesn’t notify you occasionally, although they should have fixed it with recent updates. I’d open a support case so they can investigate it but most likely you’re banned. They’ll review it and either let you chat again with a warning or let you know the ban is permanent.

I have been trying to get people to see my messages. Last night it was working perfectly fine. I have been able to attack,collect and battle. I can see others messages and I try to reply back to them but I guess they don’t see me.

Why haven’t I given a warning if they ban me…

Gamer tag is King Yoshi

I don’t think this bug has been fixed as my alliance has had several members still reporting they cannot communicate with us in our alliance chat. This has even caused us to lose members in our alliance. We have askes them to close down chat and re open, close game and reboot as well as requesting they uninstall and reinstall teir game. We also requested each of them open a ticket with support. I literally spent an hour myself trying to figure out how to do that. Your website isnt very report friendly. My team members are still without answers. Can you please readdress this issue and send out a new update to fix this. Thank you

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Alliance chat is not being savedScreenshot_20190112-200216_Empires

My alliance is having the same issue. Messages are not saving. I have closed chat and game. Reopened both but not sure if it’s working yet. I posted the info on the chat, but due to the issue, I’m not sure if anyone saw the message.

I’m still having the alliance chat issue despite having updated the app

Every time I start the game the chat is empty …no posts from my teammates … all clean

Not fixed for me. Android user

Ever since the update, Alliance chat has been inconsistent. Sometimes it only shows the last 3 items or a random subset of previously posted items.


True! It’s kinda annoying as you miss a lot of convo with your teammates.

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Same here. You can only see very little entries, maybe 15 lines.


Face the same situation here~ Can only read about 5-7 lines.

There’s a member in my alliance said he got no problem with the chat. He’s using iOS. I’m not sure if the problem related to operating system. I’m using android.


I am on fully patched iOS. I am only seeing system generated messages in chat. If I post, I will see it for a while. It will disappear in aboit an hour.

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Same Here !!! I’m using IOS !
Nous n’avons plus le chat !

Same here. All normal posts are deleted randomly and only system messages are left

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