[SOLVED] Alliance Chat Messages Missing

There is a known issue regarding Alliance chat that is causing messages sent by the alliance members to not show up. Closing the chat and restarting the game should resolve this issue.

We are currently looking into this and hope to get it resolved soon! In the meantime, you can try closing the chat and restarting the game as that should. Sorry for the inconvenience!



I have noticed several times over the past 3 days that our alliance chat will suddenly delete everything being said by members and just keep the system messages. They will eventually be replaced, but with the upcoming alliance wars, this will be a problem. I am positive that I still have an internet connection when this happens.

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Before your War of Alliances, please repair the chat. It becomes impossible to play properly. How do you want alliances members communicate properly without a decent chat ? Thanks in advance.


Hi, we are currently investigating the issue relating to the Alliance chat messages disappearing and hope to get it fixed soon!


It is not that they disappear/reappear alone. The chat line turns itself on after being minimized.


Earlier today my members and I were having a discussion in our alliance chat when our chat was wiped. I know this happens often but as the comments were being wiped two of my members were getting notifications that the comments that had been erased were being reported by someone. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this a glitch or should I be concerned that someone in my alliance is reporting our chat?

We had same problem. I created a topic but no reply.

I’m starting to get this now, but the chat thread will reappear after I go somewhere else in the game.

I have combined the threads regarding this issue.


I’m more concerned about my members receiving warnings that their messages were being reported. Is this a glitch or are they actually being reported by someone in my alliance?

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@BeautyKills There shouldn’t be any known issues with the reporting system. Each warning is sent by a real human. However, your alliance members can submit support tickets if they feel like the warnings were unjustified.


@Petri they haven’t received in game notifications about the warnings but when our chat was erasing they were getting notifications that their comments were being reported.

This bug is becoming more prevalent since the last update. Also restarting the game does not always help. More of my alliance members are complaining about this and with the AW coming up tomorrow, it is certainly a nuisance. We hope you can fix the problem soon.

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Hey I want to know what is happening regard my account. Im not appearing on Alliance Chat nor General chat. I can see myself when I send message but others cannot. I want to know what is going on. Was I reported? Or is it due to update? Is it a bug? What is it? Plz reply ASAP

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Hi, we believe we have now solved this issue in the new 1.11 update. Please update your game! :slight_smile:


The update has not fixed my chat. I have the same issue as DemiGodNAWF. I can send messages in alliance chat or global chat (general, alliance recruitment, etc.) but no one else can see my messages. I believe this to be a separate issue than the disappearing alliance chat messages (which I was also experiencing) and needs to be investigated as a separate issue. EDIT: My messages are disappearing when leaving the app and then coming back to the app. No one else can see my messages still.[/EDIT] Here is a comparison of what I see vs. what someone else is seeing


Hi. Alliance chat problems again. Just minutes ago, it happened twice. All the messages have been deleted except for those sent by the system. It is rather disturbing, as it happend last month as well. Please fix!

In our alliance we face same problem as well.
Restarting the game will solve it for now. But bug is not yet fixed :wink: