[SOLVED] Alliance Chat History Missing

Thank you Petri, not sure if it helps but I’m playing on a galaxy note 8… many in my alliance having same issue… I’ll let them know your aware.

Update is now available for Android which should fix this issue, please update your game!
iOS update should be available within a couple of days.


I am having issues posting in alliance chat. My messages keep disappearing. This started once my android tablet updated the game.

I just updated to the new version 18 and now my alliance chat history is missing every time I log on. I only see system updates like who killed the titan, who changed the alliance name, or if someone was promoted or demoted. I don’t see any chat from any of the members.


When that happens to me, force quitting and reopening the app usually works, sometimes after a few tries.

If you keep having issues after that, I’d report it through the support button in the app.


We actually had this happen when people were at different versions of the app. We couldn’t see chat across versions. Then, as people updated, we could all see each other again.


I’m having the same problem, global works fine, but alliance chat is only showing system messages. Even if I send a message and come back it’s not visible.

Same problem for a few guyz here as well.

There is no update available for me on android. Updated about 18 to 20 or so hours ago but no new update today to fix this

OK I just got an update roll out from the Google play store. Looks like it is fixed. Thanks admin

Same here with Guardians Ascending. At least two reports of missing chat history.

Yep, 18.0.1 is in the android store and fixes the chat bug, also the annoying builder noise is fixed, it stops after a few seconds like it used to. Thanks for the quick fix guys :grinning: :beers:

On IOS and its beyond frustrating without the patch. Conversations being wiped all the way back to the last system notice.

Can I ask that Alliance Wars not start till this is fixed for everyone? We’ll be at a disadvantage trying to coordinate otherwise.

And why the delay?

**We do have a line chat but it is not mandatory for our Alliance.

I downloaded the update 18.0.1 and the chat is back! Hooray ! Thanks to the developers for the speed! I love you, guys! You are the best!!!

I downloaded the update 18.0.1 and the chat is back! Hooray! Thanks to the developers for the speed! I love you, guys! You are the best!!!

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The same here. Last update fixed it for now. I can see the last messages I couldn’t see before the update. Thanks.

I’ve just now downloaded the update for android. I’ve got two accounts. It worked immediately on my main account and i see all earlier messages. But on my second account, i still can’t see any messages.

Same problem for me but also for some alliance mates that got only one account. So this isn’t the root cause…

We have now released the update for iOS as well. Please update your game!

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Since last update can no longer chat to my team as our team are global this for me has taken the fun out of the game so probably won’t be playing as much now or spending money. I don’t know if any one else is having the same issues. All I can get on the chat is blank screen of death. My last screen shows three posts of 16 hours ago. Rant over

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