[SOLVED] Alliance Chat History Missing

This morning noticed a big loss of recent chat history. Appreciate if it is fixed.


Same here. Only past couple of hours showing.

Entire thread we had discussing leveling is completely gone. Wild Misfits is our Alliance.

We have noticed the same issue in Team Harley

We had the same thing happen multiple times today. It made it difficult to communicate with my alliance that we were letting the current titan go and to save their flags for the next.

Yep same thing just happened to me this morning. My alliance is The TWISTED Hurricanes… This can’t be a coincidence.

I reset the app and even tried clearing the cache. I’m using Android 7.0. My device is a Galaxy S6.

What os and devices is everyone using?

Same Galaxy 6. But in my alliance IOS users have same problem.

Same thing here at Jules Tiger Angels. I posted two messages on the chat and the entire history other than my last post disappeared

iPhone for me

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Same here.

20 characters.

Same issue. Cleared twice today in last couple hours

I’m on IOS IphoneX. My Alliance is about equal parts Droid and IOS.

Others in my Alliance are reporting about a 9hour gap in chat where the content is completely gone.

Same here. It dropped a comment I made 5 minutes ago. Phoenix Ascended is my alliance.

Also having this issue

Unstable Archangels is also having the same issue. Users have both iOS and Android devices.

Thank you for reporting this, we are currently investigating the missing Alliance chat history here.


Post it in your banner and hope they read it. Good luck on your next titan!

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I did and we already defeated our next with 15 hours to spare! :slight_smile:

We also are loosing our chats. The Bigger Round Table

Lost for the Bigger Round Table also

Same here… happened twice after update

Mine is a note8… same issue… missing chats

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