[SOLVED] Alliance chat going in/out

Having an issue where the alliance chat is showing system messages but not content from members. Started probably 3 hours or so ago.

Sometimes exiting the game will restore it or farming the map. Other times, like now, its not showing all the content.

Other members in Creatures of Habit are reporting the same. All members are on current version of game.


I’ve been having conversations all morning, but the chat, a raid, and in the middle of war, my account just seems to “act up”. Can’t see chats, event froze on me for a good minute (fortunate to win) and now team chat has lost the last 9-24 hours.

Not sure what’s going on. But internet connection is strong, looked at my daughters phone to see if it was my account and hers didn’t seem affected.

I’m still conversing with my alliance, but I can’t see anything once I close chat window. (See screen shot).


Please advise.


20chars just in case…

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Yeah, happened to me a few times… I also seem to “missplace” my alliance members from time to time. At times they just dissapear from queue, or have “ex-member” instead of their names. I got pretty freacked out first time that happened, you can imagine why :blush:

Here’s what I’m talking about

Not a bit issue, they appear right back after a few minutes, but the first time was a real shocker…


Same thing - lasted 5 mins

Please submit a support ticket so they can look into the problem.

@Tygrant @Frostbyte @Ian487 @Halifax

Hey garanwyn…where would be the best place to post log in issue?

I did that. It brings me here???

You need to hit the “Support” button to open a support ticket.

We kindly ask all players to use the in-game Support button when submitting a new support request. You can find the Support button by tapping Menu, then Options and selecting Support tab. Contacting us this way helps us to serve you better and solve your request faster.

To the production game, not beta, right? You can open a new thread here in #bugs-issues. But you probably also want to open a support ticket.

It’s been happening with our members as well.

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Uh huh and after jumping through several hoops it brings me back here.

Heck with it. Already told my alliance if they need to reach me to use Line instead.

Never have I seen such a half baked way of getting support.

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The button on that menu that takes you to this website is the “Report A Bug” button. DO NOT CLICK THAT BUTTON. Click the “Support” button on the support menu instead.

If you click the Support button, it takes you to the support website, not to here:


From there, it is really easy to submit a support request.

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I have the same bug. When I log I have the chat some hours before. It generally come back after a few minutes

Chat has been glitchy for me all day too. Short periods of time where it either fails to load completely or only shows the sytem messages. The outages normally fix themselves after a few minutes maybe up to 15mins at the worst.


That’s what we’re finding too. Not buggy enough for me to bother putting in a support ticket.

@Petri if this helps, the chat started playing as soon as war started for me - NZ time - approximately 10hrs ago.

As of this morning a number of US & UK members are having problems with their chat; my chat has been fine for the last 2hrs.

We also had 1 member booted from the game, he is sending a support ticket.

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They won’t be back in the office until 0900 GMT+2, I believe. Since this isn’t an emergency issue, my guess is they’ll take a look sometime tomorrow morning.

My chat is acting oddly too. It drops to just system messages, then restores after a little while.


Well how dumb is that? Why have a link that takes you here when you are supposed to use a different path… In the IT world we would call that a bug/defect.

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