[SOLVED] Alberichs ability is not workink right

When Alberich was dropped, i used his ability and he revived only dead heroes, but after small update, he began reviving himself and revive alive heroes, but dead heroes dont revive, i think its a bug with game. If you dont understand i write it on russian below.

В прошлом месяце упал герой мнсяца Альберих. Когда после выпае
Дения использовал его способность, он воскрешал только мертвых героев и все работало хорошо. После микро обновления, он начал воскрешать живых игроков и даже семя(просто прибавляя хп, а мёртвые герои так и остаются не воскрешенными. Я считаю что это баг со способностью Альбериха, и хочу узнать как пофиксить

He can resurrect dead heroes and he also heals all heroes for some rounds. It has been like this from the beginning, there is no bug.

No, you dont understand right, he revive alive heroes now, but not died, he can revive himself when i used ability, and after turn he heals as right, read in russian and translate, there is more detailed imformation about bug

The chance of revive is only 32% when he is maxed.
When he don’t revive the skill only give some mana and heal to the heroes alive.

Why when i use skill when i have dead hero or 2 dead heroes, he revive alive heroes, not dead? When he dropped month ago, he revived only dead heroes.

How does one revive an alive hero? I don’t understand

When i use ability he add hitpoints to alive hero(revive)

Ahh, then as said above, he has always been a healer

I don’t think that is a bug, but how the skill is intended to work. It only revives dead heroes sometimes, but all heroes regenerate hp and mana from the skill.

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But it heals when i use skill, not after my turn how it works next time, next turn ability heals 144 hitpoints, but when i use skill(ability), alberich heals 22% of hitpoints as he revive the hero! But he heals 22% of alive hero, not dead, due to this thing i think its bug with hero’s aby

If i can, i make screenshots some later with bug and without bug

Look at it this way; Alberich has TWO powers:

  1. He heals 500+ HP on all allies, and additionally he regenerates a “modest” amount of mana (magic) for 4 turns.

  2. He has a 33% chance to revive each dead ally with 23% Health.

Remember the numbers above are for a fully leveled card.

Let me know if you need me to translate this to Russian and I’ll PM it to you. :wink:

I give you screenshots when Alberich heals 22% with 7/8 lvl ability when i use his ability!! Its not working right

Okey, on first and third screenshots all heroes alive, but alberich’s ability heals(as revive) 22% hitpoints, when i used ability. On second screenshot we can see right working ability which heals 144 hitpoints per turn! I think its very awful bug issue.
276 hitpoints its 22% of 1258 hp and ability revive alive heroes!
My ability is not maxed, only 7/8 lvl of skill, which gives 22% to revived hero hp

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Looks like the revive now works so that it also has 33% chance to give living heroes 22% more hp. Looks like a bug indeed, as the text says “fallen allies”

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Thanks for the picture examples; it makes the error easier to see.

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Thanks for reporting the issue with Alberich, we’ll look into this here. :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, it seems this will be fixed in the upcoming update (1.9)!

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Thank you very much, you are good staff of this game))

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Alber… Its owerpowered after the reviu.

Albe reviving. Anyone still has this glitch?

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