[SOLVED] Alberich special not fires?


I have just faced new hero of the month, Alberich, in raid. Failed to kill him before he got full energy, but he did not use his special, just kept going on with full mana bar and normal attacks? Am i missing something?
I play on ios, game is 2.7.3 build 235.
Here is a picture:

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Well one picture doesn’t really show it. In this situation he would fire next turn, if he got full mana at the end of last turn. You should have taken many screenshots.

One explanation could be that he was nearly full mana, like 99% but not quite and had Hel’s mana stop on him so he didnt gain more and it had ran out when you took the picture. The mana bar will blink when full. Was it blinking all the time and still he wouldn’t fire?


Yes, the mana bar was full and blinking for several turns, but he only got his normal attacks. He never got the sword icon burning with S symbol (like Sartana has on picture). That was not Hel’s special nor any other reason i could figure. I do quite a bit of raids but never encountered such thing before.

I will check if issue reproduces next time i face Alberich. It is still pretty rare, have not faced him since the post…

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I faced Alberich for the first time today and his special certainly worked. He managed to ressurrect Sartana twice and Thorne once before I killed him. Both Sartana (twice) and Thorne had full mana. Is that supposed to happen?

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I havent used Alb myself but seen him in defense teams and he worked fine.


I am thinking the case may be that when controlled by AI in raid defense Albreich does not use his special if all his team members are alive and thus resurrect is not needed. If that proves true that would mean that placing him in middle as in the example in first post is horrible idea.

Still looking for opportunity to test that< had not seen him in about 30 raids done…

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They resurrect with the mana they had when they were killed; full mana is a possibility as a result.


Have not seen this when I faced Alby; also it’s really doubtful the AI was changed for one specific hero.


AI works similiar for some other heroes. Let me illustrate this with what I had seen today: three heroes of defending team got charged to full at same time (2 attackers and 1 healer), they all 3 had burning “S” on their sword, full flashing mana bar. I had only one last hero alive. So their turn, first attacker uses special and kills my last hero. Then, before battle commences, game turn passes to other 2 heroes, and their healer uses his heal, and on his attacker his “S” near sword changes to normal attack number, just like i had experienced with Alberich in first post. I.e. he had no valid target to use his special on, so he changed to normal attack mode having full energy. That is what made me think that Alberich special is considered by game as ressurect with some side effects and is not used if there is no valid target for ressurection.

Anyway looking to test this as soon as I meet the hero again and get back with feedback :slight_smile:


Faced him twice, android device.

First time he shoot just fine and resurrect one hero. He was in the right border.
Second time DON’T shoot his special even if full mana. He was in the center and as other may suggest, none was dead already.

Maybe only in center or no dead people gives problems?


Would suggest taking a sequence of pictures or video recording it.

Unfortunately I have yet to see an Alby misfire though I strongly doubt that the code which skips attacks when all your heroes is dead is the same as what you may be seeing.


Tested his in couple more raids against Alberich. If they have at least one hero dead, Alberich uses his special. If all heroes are alive, he stays with full mana and keeps using normal attack, waiting for someone to die.
Conclusion - do not put Alberich in middle spot of defense team :slight_smile:

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Have raided an alberich team. Ist supose to be that the enemy dont get the mama and healing buff if no one died?

Or maybe they need to rework text.


I’m starting to think: “KILL ALBERICH FIRST!!!” And then everyone else… :grin:

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I don’t know if that’s intentional, doesn’t sound awesome though… I just liked the buff, the rez bit is a bonus and this pretty much obviates the defense use case other than slow in corner and hope he fires before he’s killed… that kinda sucks.


If u use him on a defence team, you have a chance that he dont get hes buff off.


Yes, and my point is since this doesn’t cast apparently unless someone is dead, the buff becomes somewhat irrelevant in the tank or even the flank spot.

There basically isn’t any place for him except on edge now, which I guess is OK in the all 80’s case but meh; I wanted the special acceleration didn’t really care about the rez frankly… the HoT component is more useful in keeping everyone alive too.

When will SG make a green 5* not named Lianna that isn’t horrendously awkward in some fashion.


But if alberich dont need a dead target when he is in the offence side (not played by ai) then its not the same for both sides.


Hi guys, thank you for reporting the issue with Alberich special. This will be fixed in the upcoming update (1.8).


Do heroes somehow gain mana while dead? I think I have seen situations where a hero wasn’t full mana when dying, but had full mana when ressed and immediately cast.

I think Alb should not ress heroes with full mana, they should start mana from 0, or max half of what they had. As they already get the mana regen buff after being ressed. It makes the special a bit too strong, if every successful ress also means another special getting off most of the time.

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