[SOLVED AGAIN] War Chest Displaying Participation Incorrectly (Visual Issue - 17 & 18 Jan)

We had 21/25 progress. We lost war and now and war chest is now 1/25 with 1900% participation.


We had 16/25 and our war chest also reset just now when we won to 5/25


We just had the same thing happen. We had 11 points in our war chest, just won and now it says 5 points!


Same there.

Was 17/25, now 5/25

They will not take away our previous war victories. Give them back SG. Do not screw the hand that feeds you.

Same here, war chest has been reset…

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Ours was 13/25 before war, we lost and now it is at 1/25. Alliance name: The Pleasure Dungeon

@Petri, @Sara, @mhalttu

My war participation is 320%

I always try to do more than a measly 100% :joy:

Same here, ours is showing a point drop and over 100% participation.

Yip, same problem. Went from 19/25 to 5/25.

Nice to know I’m only special in another way, but this sucks

Yup. I can confirm this issue. War chest got reseted after the update

@Petri, @mhalttu - similar problem - our war chest was 21/25 - now it is at 1/25.

Same issue here, We won and it went from 22 to 5. There’s a bug at play here :slight_smile: Sure it will be fixed and compensated for soon.

We also went from 19 to 5 points…all showing participation of 480%!

Yep knightrider had same issue

Confirm war chest reset… Was 16/25 and now is 1/25… My participation is 1700%

Same here, we have got 16 pkt now 1 Screenshot_2019-01-17-10-27-22

Now I feel I’m not trying hard enough with my measly 320% compared to your 900%

Really inadequate … 1700%

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Our alliance have 15/25 before update, and still 15/25 after update, however once today’s war is over it become 1/25 as we lost. My participatian also become 1500% instead of 100%.


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Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the problem!

We are currently investigating this. Please note that no points should be lost, this is just a visual issue.


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