[SOLVED] After update 16 game won't start up (Android)



After the update the game doesn’t start up anymore. I reinstalled it, switched Wi-Fi, switched data. Nothing works. When I start the game I see the letters from small giant and the game returns to my homescreen. When I start it a second time the screen stays black and nothing happens.


I did the update today but nothing has changed.

Game crash after update v15.2.1 - 16.0.1
Game crash after update v15.2.1 - 16.0.1

Android 4.4.1 same picture.


After update 16.0 the same thing on two devices - smartphone (Android 5.0), tablet (Android 7.0).


having same issue started after updating to 15.2.1 build 804 (v16 same problem) - probably there is an issue with unity game engine as described Unity Issue ID 989654 & Unity Issue ID 968086


Now there is another problem - old versions are unusable anymore,so there so no option to play (last version worked 15.2.0 build 800)

My Device - LG G2 D802 on Android 8.1 OS


+1 same stuff goes with me




Yes small giant was desable the last version who work 15.2.0. I cant access to the game.
Major problem for them SG


v16.0.1 bug not fixed


Same here on 16.0.1 - blank screen after SG logo


Thank you for the reports and my apologies for the issue. We are currently investigating here.


Dear Petri, same problem over here (Android 8.0.1 OnePlus 5). Only the Small Giant screen pops-up. Afterwards I have a black screen.



Same here Samsung S7 SM-G930F Android 7.0 Stock


I have this bug too but from the v15.2.1 :frowning:


Same here…read all above posts


It won’t even let me update. It’s forcing me to update to open it but then it demands payment information for a free update, I enter the correct information but it says invalid information. It’s the same information it’s always been so I don’t know what the problem is.


After each update I have an issue with the game not loading. So far I’ve been able to fix it just by rebooting my tablets.

I forgot to automatically reboot after this update and sure enough, this morning it wouldn’t load. After rebooting it was fine… fingers crossed it stays fine!



I have the v15.2.0 but after the last update to v15.2.1 I can’t open my game. It only shows the Small Giant black screen and then closed. Also my girlfriend have the same issue.

Username in game: Guau (lvl 23)

Device: Moto X 2013
Android Version: 6.0.1
Rom: Lineage OS 13.0

Device: Samsung A3 2015
Android Version: 7.0
Rom: Lineage OS 14.0

Yesterday we played normally.

I already clean the app cache, all the data app and I tried reinstalling the app but it doesn’t work.


My problem still on the last update 16.0.1


See this already opened thread - After update 16 game won’t start up (Android)