[SOLVED] Active Rare Wanted Mission Chest Disappeared after Update



Today my titan chest got completed and I recieved a Dark Chest instead. Started to complete it and got to ~140/150 so I was just 1lvl 7-4 away from completing it. Then I saw an update available and did it, little did I know that this update removed Titan Chest and therefore ripped my Dark chest with it.
This is… ■■■■, as the patch notes aren’t available yet I couldn’t know that before hand and we all know how valuable an Elemental chest is… idk what I’m expecting with this post but it feels ■■■■■■■ awful to get ripped from the precious AM that may have been in there & the gems just 1 level away from it and with nothing to warn …

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Please contact support so we can investigate this in more detail!


Doing it right now, thanks for that quick answer!


Same thing happened to me. Finished 5 Titans, got loot, then got fire chest in place of Titan chest. Got 30/150 done on fire chest and then updated… poof, fire chest gone, and so is Titan chest…??? What the heck???


I have also just experienced this since the update. Was over halfway to completing Ice Chest. Now it’s gone, and so is my titan chest. Very dissappinted.


Can’t revenge raids because of different app version, fantastic job Small Giant. Seriously ? Why do I get hobbled for upgrading to a new version ?


Same here. Completed Titan chest, elemental spawned in its place and awhile later, just disappears. Blank spot on screen. Opened a support ticket.


Me too. I had an ice chest, and it vanished with the update. And the support tab isn’t recognizing my password. It’s saved in my phone, so I’m sure it’s correct.


Petri asked that the person(s) experiencing this contact Game Support so they can investigate. Please do so! :slight_smile:


Same here with the green chest. Always the same thing with this guys every update screw your game. Want my chest back and lifes too


Same problem here. Nothing works. Green chest is gone instead of Titan chest.


My apologies for the issue, we are currently investigating this here and hope to get it resolved as soon as possible.


Same here. The titan chests completly missing.


Seems like this is just a visual bug and your chest progress is saved. Could everyone experiencing this try to restart their game, are you able to see the chest after doing it?


Nothing. Restart of game and restart handy dosn’t work. Still nothing to see.


Hello. I have a problem with the game. I had red box instead of titanium. after the update has disappeared and now I only have two boxes. how can I solve the problem?


i try everything … restart phone, game clear cache … nothing


i did not try to uninstal and reinstal the game … don’t know if will work


We have now identified the problem and hoping to release an update soon which will fix this issue. Again, my apologies for the inconvenience caused by this issue!

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