[SOLVED] 4 X 25% mana potions on Jackal do not trigger special




I noticed on my level 55 tier 4 jackal that it takes 5 25% mana potions to fire his special. On all other characters I have tried this on it took 4 and the math says it should take 4 :slight_smile:



Just wanted to bump this and see if any devs or any players have any thoughts.


I experienced the same and reported that via E-Mail as a bug. I havent tried it recently


If I am not mistaken, I believe GUARDIAN JACKAL is the only hero with VERY FAST mana regeneration. And so I am wondering, as this is a first from SG, maybe in the world of VERY FAST mana, 25% is not exactly 25% and maybe it is more like 20% :wink:
Just a thought but let’s hope somebody official from SG confirms/clarifies it better :slight_smile:


Evidently with this Hero you have to “Give it 110%”

(I know this response is singularly unhelpful, but I couldn’t resist).


I just got my Jackal to 3/60 and to my dismay this happened for me too.


I think this one is worth reporting via the in-game support function. It’s an obvious bug.


I just sent in the ticket


They said on their end it is fine - can someone record it not working and send it in to them? I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know how. Otherwise I can try screen shots.


I think a series of screenshots would show it - it will show your mana inventory decreasing by one each time, and the hero’s mana increasing, and when they see the count has decreased by 4, and the hero’s special still not active, they’ll need to look again.

If 2 players have reported the same issue, then I would guess it’s likely a valid issue.

(Be sure that you don’t have any mana-related effects on your team, such as LittleJohn’s Mana recoup rate debuff. I’m not sure if this impacts potions, but it just might).


I tried it today, after updating, and it works. Have any others with the issue still experienced it?


Yes, this is fixed now in 1.9. Thanks for bringing it up, though! :slight_smile:


No problem - I have two of them so it was a double whammy!