[SOLVED] 2019 HotM Elemental Defense Buff Not Stacking

Why consider it a bug? This is undispellable buff meaning it can’t be override even by the same buff


Because when the same hero casts the same undispllable special on themselves it resets.

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I have the same issue with all my HOtM family bonus. When you have 2+ hero’s from the same HOtM family bonus, the family bonus does not apply to all allies. Based on troops, Athena and Cobalt and receiving normal healing for troops and are not receiving the +20 that Vela, Rafi & Glenda are receiving. I have noticed the same thing with other HOTM family bonuses also. My 2019 family attack boost is also not applying to all when you have 2+ from the same family

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Elemental rainbow links

I agree


It sucks

Since normal Element defense buffs do not overwrite each other ( see notes )

5x Stacking

The intent of Elemental rainbow link buffs overwriting each other seems to be preventing Attack +X% from stacking 5x ( 1x for each color )


Will be interesting to see how they deal with Elemental rainbow links that create minions since that could quickly overwrite more useful minions


Click for notes

Buff/ Debuff

Below link includes an overwrite table

Which will need to be updated by a @moderator when rules for Elemental rainbow links are confirmed working as intended ( we miss you @DaveCozy )

(📑 Status Effects (Buffs and Ailments) and Stacks - Dead topic see link in post #190)


Elemental link minions


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Elemental defense debuff stack ( see previous post )

But since we do not know the latest version of the damage formula, we were never able to check a possible bug with Elemental defense debuff from an Elemental link

(Agwe nature defense does not work?)

Maybe Devs could comment



It only applies to heroes in the same family, not the same team

So 2020 HotM share a family but 2017 HotM are in a different family even though on same team



Maybe change the wording of elemental links

Something like 2019

Defense +X% against Color ( HotM buff )

Since HotM buffs are going to work differently than any similar buffs ( once again, the forum staff, and mods, are going to be overworked as this game mechanic spreads )

So, I have tried Glenda and Bertila. Glenda fired first, and since I paired her with Bertila, Glenda gave everyone minions, but Bertila only got a green minion for herself.

In a way, this seems to balance out, because if both Glenda and Beetila had minions for everyone, then it would a bit unfair with me having a swarm of minions. So if you have a hero with the same elemental style link, they won’t stack

What was your team? Bertila is 2021 which hasn’t been activated yet, so the 2+ HoTMs from this year shouldn’t do anything

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I had whole team mana gen boost from 2019 Family (Neith) 4%.
Then when mana gen boost from 2018 Family (Delilah) 10% fired, it did not apply at all. (i.e. Did not overwrite - did absolutely nothing - everyone still at 4%).

Likewise, if Delilah fires first then team gets 10% mana gen, then when Neith fires it does nothing. (in this direction, however, the bug is nice to stay at 10%!)

Not a bug, it’s an undispellable buff so you can’t dispel or overwrite it. It was confirmed this way in beta


Roger that. Thank you!

So, having read through it all, I gather that two heros that provide the same buff from the hotm years won’t overwrite each other. But what about Anzogh and Frida? They both provide elemental defense boosts, but it’s for different elements. To me that’s a different buff and should both be present, but that’s not happening for me. Are those considered the same?


Thank you for the reports, we’ll investigate this issue here.


But if you read the card it states “bonus for 2+ hero’s: Elemental Link affects all allies”. My interpretation of this statement is that if I bring in 2+ HOtM of the same family, then the family bonus will impact all allies and not just the HOtM family.


Any info? Feedback ?

Why are Anzhog’s and Margaret elemental defense against, respectively, blue and red. Overwriting each other. Neith doesn’t get overwritten, so either we can’t have more than one elemental def active at a time ou it’s a bug. Because I plan on building a defense on that duo. So, bug ? Or, WHY?

I know the 2 are not from the same combat.

The new hotm family bonus activated.
2+ heros from same family their elemental link activates for all allys.
To get details click on Margret card family bonus.

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Yes, at the moment the Elemental Def links are not stacking and is probably a bug. Petri has replied that they are checking it


i think this link (+ 46% defense against x element) need to stack as it is completely different buff from each of the 5 HoTM (kunchen, frida, anzugh, Margaret and ranvir) unlike all other links

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