[SOLVED] 2019 HotM Elemental Defense Buff Not Stacking

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Thanks, you are right.

That is Right! Thank you, I did not think about it.

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I’ve just found odd thing with new Legend families and if heroes with similar Element link are used. Could be UI issue + mechanics issue.

You have team with at least 2 HoTM for ex., 2020 with similar Element link:

  • Violet Clarissa with +30% defense again special skills
  • Blue Raffaele with +30% defense again special skills
  • Blue Glenda with summon Minion

Steps to reproduces:

  1. Use Raffaelle skill → Blue element link is show for all heroes in the team for 4 turn
  2. Do a turn → Element link turn 3 left
  3. Use Clarissa skill :
    → Element link is shown as reloaded (animation run), but Element link label still had blue color (instead of violet)
    → turn left still 3 (instead of 4)
  4. If you use Glenda Minion will be created

To summasize, if HOTM with the same Element link are used, Element link will be not refreshed.

Have no heroes to chech:

What if we will use HOTM with different buffs (like for difense + 2 for attack / mana) used, will different Element link buffs changes each other or they will stack.

Links with similar effects do not stack/overwrite.


Hello i have khiona and Evelyn in the same team she have the same 2018 element link when i make special skil with khiona and then il make with Evelyn i see that the element link its not refresh.
When i l make a special skil with khiona i have 6 terns 4%hp element link after 4 terns make special skil with Evelyn must dealet the khiona purple element and replaced from Evelyn green element link. But this not happen.

The issue is that it said unspellable so many will reply " it is working as intended". The work around is to wait until one wear off to do the other one but I do agree with you it should refresh and start over

I think that the better is to change element skil from 1 of both or Refresh and start over.
Beter change skil in one. family with same element skil? Destroy family bonus.

2019 family bonus for hotm that effects elemental link adding defense up against a certain element will only allow one elemental link to be active. For example, Frida has an elemental def up against nature, and Anzogh has one for ice, but only the elemental link of the first one to special will become active for all allies. I tried it with all of my other 2019 hotm that have a similar elemental link, and it was true for all of them. Are they considering that a stack? Seems like as it affects a different element it should be allowed.


It is working as expected…

An undispensable buff can not overwritten by the same buff from another element


Yes I noticed the duration does not reset in de 4% mana generation of Seshat and Kingston. I would expert the duration to be reset to 4 turns again.

The frustrating thing especially for 2019 heroes is that 5 of the heroes with elemental defense boost (Kunchen, Frida, Anzogh, Margaret, Ranvir) don’t benefit from the elemental link applying to all allies. Since each link affects defense against a different element (eg kunchen gives defense against holy) they should be treated as different in my opinion, or at least this should be explained up front

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This issue will be fixed in the next update (Version 45). Thank you for your patience!


Thank you! As this is getting resolved and I was the first to post on the issue, does that qualify for the bug bounty program?

I’m sorry but I don’t think so.

The bug bounty program is for safety bugs or exploits. A hero not working correctly is probably nothing they would recognize for that program.

And if you thought you found something you would have to report it here on this external platform, link in this topic

But from what I understand that’s more for things like generating unlimited resources, pulls, manipulating the odds, using 3rd party software to corrupt the game, weaknesses in their security or something similar.


This issue has been fixed in the latest update (Version 45). I’ll mark the topic as solved.

Per release notes:

  • New casts of Element Link now refresh the duration of identical Element Link buffs previously applied by another Hero of the same Family