[Solved -19 July] Impossible to reach the server at the moment

it’s not my connection, my other games work


Yeah me too

Thank you for the report! We are aware of this issue and currently investigating!


Agreed, my connections are down as well, both on phone and laptop. Would assume server or network issues.

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Just want to join about setver issues +)

At least it is global problem :slight_smile: I see something positive here :slight_smile:

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Seems to be back for me

During the war attack, the server was turned off. The fight was interrupted. NO NO… - (((

I got the pop up while I was in the middle of an upgrade what will happen to that upgrade?

I cant enter in the game aswell as some alliance mates… anyone knows why?

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Same for me. It says “check your internet access”
But guess how I connect here :wink:

i think so … everyone i asked cant connect to the server

Same here. I Hear the music though @Petri what’s going on?

the same here. i think someone hack the game. idiots admins,don’t know to keep the game safe. shame to you admins…

Same here lost one Titan Hit xD

I also got a message saying they had server issues

yeah same here and I just used a world refill and was fighting the “Very Hard” quest when I was booted…

I can not enter as well. It throwed me out sayg that server is full and afterwards I have net been able to log in. It just says to chech the internet connection.

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Definitely system is down. Nobody can play the game now. Katastrofa

Works again Strange…

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