[SOLVED] 13 May 2019 Server Incident (Unable to Connect / Alliances Not Showing Up) Developer Response Post #42

Rien de grave?
Cela m’a éjectés de mon alliance, bien-sûr que c’est grave et usant

Buuuu that is not nice… !!

No, you are not. It just looked like you were.

I got kicked out of a raid and lost 38 cups because of this. :angry:

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I’m sorry but it’s not just the alliances…

I was fighting the last stage of Frostmarch and I’ve lost everything while I was attacking the bosses.
I’ve used an energy refill and a lot of items…
Everything gone, thanks!

Merging older topic to newer ones is interesting strategy :confused:

image with account ID deleted

same problem here, 3 times in last couple days

The important thing is not to have 30 separate threads going on an outage. There really isn’t time to fuss with figuring out which thread is 2 minutes older.

Basically: pick a likely-looking topic, pin it, touch up the title, and merge. Last server outage, I had to close over 30 duplicate topic threads.


Same here! Booted & said I was removed from my alliance :rage:

The server should be back up now, according to SG. Are you not back in your alliance?

This should be solved by now. I’ve modified the title accordingly.


That was scary stuff my friends :scream:

A small hiccup… life will go on my friends. We will rebuild! :blush:

On a serious note… it’s a game.
Don’t take everything so seriously

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Exactly my issue as well. I had just used a titan flask and started my attack… I basically lost half my titan attack. It would be nice to at least get a titan flask or something as recompense? I’ve done a few hits on this titan for 50k+ damage and it’s still alive by only 225k…

I’m glad the alliance issue was resolved quickly. That was a big scare!

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On 05/13/2019 I was kicked out of my alliance by game while hitting titan than an hour later the game put me back in my ALLIANCE

You were never actually kicked from your alliance. It was just a glitch due to the server issue on 5/13. I’ve moved your post to the thread for that server incident.

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