[SOLVED] 13 May 2019 Server Incident (Unable to Connect / Alliances Not Showing Up) Developer Response Post #42

I was claiming my hero chest. I hope the loot didnt get cut off. (It definitely had a Damascus blade and an Epic Hero Token :wink:)

Anyone else having issues?


And the worse thing is that the server quit out from the alliance

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Same thing when I was about to hit the titan and got 0. :rage:


Wasn’t kicked from game, but there was impossible to play so reload game and got this. Absolutely frustrating

Same here…20 chars

It took me out of my alliance and I was the leader!!! :angry:

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It looks worse than that as it appears all have been booted from their alliances as well

yes, titan attack lost :sleepy:

I am leader too. But don’t know anything about booting out

Yeah major bug, lots of panic in global chats.

Same kicked from game and alliance members reporting not being in the alliance

image with account info deleted

same here. It isn’t good enough. Are SG investing in more servers?

getting very tiresome this issue. No other game i play has this issue and they have many more players worldwide. Also happened when doing a titan hit, so all those items i farmed for are gone. Really not good enough anymore this issue!!!

Exactly, and after searching my alliance i was still there…strange thing

Alliance info wont show? Shows I’ve been kicked, I’m the leader…lol

Me too. I was reading alliance chat next thing I know I was not in an alliance anymore.

I was fighting the bosses of frostmarch last stage…
I’ve used a lot of items plus a world energy refill, and now it’s all gone!
Thank you very much SmallGiant

Servers full for me.

Something strange is going on!

Me too. cant log back in servers are at maximum capacity.

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