[Solution: Uninstall "Android System Webview" updates] 17th March 2021 - Crash after boot on Android (Galaxy s8, Android v9.0)

I’m not sure what that means but I do see Google Chrome did an update so that must have fixed it? Anyway, SG is doing a maintenance break so I’m avoiding the game in case something else goes wrong.

Great, I deleted the game and did re-install. Now i lost my account and cant connect to my old tablet as its already been connected before… just great

Solution worked for me. Glad I didn’t uninstall the game, no way to know if I wouldn’t have lost the account.

I have just updated Chrome and it has fixed my issue of getting the game to load.

Like others, my Webview was disabled with no way to implement the suggested fix.

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This has helped for me as well

Thank you for reporting and all your troubleshooting help. While this is an issue with Android’s OS, we are actively trying to find a fix for this for our players. This may cause some interruptions to your Mystic Vision. I apologize if this has caused any inconvenience.

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I have Huawei… I fixed with the download of Google Chrome because who have Huawei isn’t this android Webview… I hope can help

It works! Thank you!

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I have Huawei and the Webview solution worked for me.

Android 10. Visão mistica sem funcionar, mesmo após atualização do webview

I just rebooted my phone (Samsung in USA) and the play store now has an update for Android System Webview. It’s taking a little while but I’ll report back when I can test it out.

Everything seems to be working now. Check your app store for the update.

Simply put WebView is a tiny version of Chrome used by apps to do all the cool things a browser would do (basically open links).
As devices were getting more powerful Google decided to integrate WebView in Chrome so from a certain update and Android version (which I don’t know) you have to refer to Chrome for WebView related issues.

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Thanks all for the support!

Hi, apologies if this is old news but I came across this situation earlier. As a result of a bug on a recent Android update a whole bunch of apps close down when in use. I know how annoying that can be if you are in the middle of a battle or something so I thought I would post the fix I found online.

Go to settings on your phone, then apps and open Android Systems Webview. Click on the three dots, then click ‘Uninstall update’. That should fix the problems.

I’d just like to note that this is all @Guvnor ’s fault for saying he’s glad he uses Android in the comparatively minor iOS issue with v36.



Kind of a “closure” of sorts? After typing up the posts last night on my phone (I usually like to write on my computer more), but my computer is already off and in another room and I usually browse forum posts on the phone before going to bed.

At least the forum is accessible on my phone browser right? But during the experience, I had to wonder, did I accidentally turned off something I shouldn’t have? Break something by accident? Or as @princess1 had wanted to do, do I need to take it to a store? Do I need to get a new phone? These are the things that plagues on the mind, for me, considering the search function is what I use quite a bit and I do get my work e-mails (via Gmail) on my phone, if something broke, especially finding out in the middle of the night where help or advice is not normally available, it makes it hard to go to bed.

So while I was able to use @Luckyclover666 's suggestion by clearing the data and cache from the E&P App to be go into the game that one instance and finish what I needed to do (finish Morlovia, collect from my Farm / Mines, use up all WE, etc.) and since the manual search function was being non-responsive, the links of the news of Android Webview and temporary solutions on how to address it from this forum as provided of the solution does serve as a temporary bridge to google search results, but still doesn’t seem to solve some of my concerns.

Why is Android System Webview disabled on my phone without me having any recollection of disabling it in the first place and why are the Enable and Force Stop buttons) greyed out? Should I not have pressed the Force Stop button because now it is not coming back on. Google Play Store has this in the search results, but it shows it as disabled and I can’t get it updated (as to continue on with most of the solutions presented here that said to uninstall the latest update, reboot, etc.), because my phone looks different than everybody else’s screenshot?

Using the bridged search results, I was able to navigate to sections discussing this system app and what happens if it is disabled, etc. Without getting too technical, it turns out with some Android Phone, especially those running version 6 to 8 (the newest phones run Android 10 or 11, and went back to using ASW in some capacity, I think?) Google Chrome takes over/incorporate what Android System Webview does, which makes ASW redundant and hence automatically disables it on the device. By stopping and disabling Chrome will end up allowing it to be activated again.

Finding out that I am running on version 8 of Android from system settings, I stopped and disabled Chrome, and went back to the app store, surely enough, the Android System Webview became enabled and allowed me to update the system app., but it was the 3/12/2021 update (the buggy one, it seems). Then at or around 12 - 12:30 AM CST, another update dated 3/22/2021 was released in the Play Store, and I downloaded and installed this one. By doing so, looks like Gmail, Search, and the game just fine. There is one last bit though, what about Chrome?

Surely enough, as soon as I enabled Chrome (and in turn put the latest ASW back to sleep), all the same issues acted up before. But a search in the Play Store immediately after revealed that Chrome too has a 3/22/2021 update being pushed out, so after installing that update to Chrome, everything is back to normal.

Due to the timing, all of these could be happening while I am already sleeping and I might return in the morning not really knowing what transpired had I not had tried logging into the game late last night, and reading the posts here. The updates would have been pushed out and I probably never needed to update the Webview app on my phone and the Chrome update would have fixed this issue without me ever trying to find out more about the issues (such as the fixes can be different for different Android versions as uninstalling the update really wasn’t a solution for older Android users, which is likely what @princess1 is using on her Samsung Galaxy).

Lesson learned.

Exactly! I’m glad now I didn’t continue trying to “fix” it myself and end up in a worst situation. As it was, it got fixed without help from me. I certainly hope when SG returns Mystic Vision I won’t experience any problems because the fix that’s posted doesn’t work for me.

So, is your game and other phone/app functions working ok now? Were you able to install the update to Chrome from the Play Store? Did it work?

Everything is working fine now (touch wood). I didn’t do anything. My tablet did an automatic update of Google Chrome and that fixed it.

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