[Solution: Uninstall "Android System Webview" updates] 17th March 2021 - Crash after boot on Android (Galaxy s8, Android v9.0)


Please note that this appears to not be an issue with Empires and Puzzles (or any of the other apps affected) but instead an issue with a background app called “Andoid System Webview”.

The apparent solution is to roll-back the updates to this background app.

To do this:

  1. Go to device settings
  2. use the “search” function to look for “Webview”
  3. tap on the “App Info” result which will bring up a screen which has some specs on the “android system webview”
  4. hit the three dots in the top right corner and select “Uninstall Updates”

That has been reported to fix the issue for a large number of users on this thread and also on other apps.

Google is apparently aware of the issue and working on getting a fix out.

Samsung Support is recommending the above as the solution for the problems:

GL & Happy Gaming all

As described. Sorry could not find a similar ticket.


Boot game - load to main screen - after ~1 second - hard crash


Same here, game crash everty time

Same problem Huawei mate 20 pro. Android 10.

More info:

Logged in today (22nd March), saw the [!] update game notification on main screen, went to app store and updated, followed by topic description crash.

App store update details:
Version: 36.0.0
Updated on: 17th March 2021
Released on: 01st March 2021

Crashes here aswell. Android

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I have same problem here

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Mine was working okay a couple of hours ago. Now it freezes as soon as I load it up. Have checked for updates, restarted my phone etc, but it just does the same thing every time I load it. It doesn’t even give me the pop-ups for the usual half dozen ads offers before it freezes.

Also Android.

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Same here Samsung A70

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Same Issue - Boot, connect, log in for 1 second, then crash - Moto G7 plus

Также ерунда,из игры вылетает redmi note8

Occurs on pixel 3 after ver36 update. Reinstalled the app and was able to play the game once. On next load of the app it crashes out after trying to connect through play games account

Same problem here must be the New update

Same problem Huawei mate 20.

Same Problem -xiaomi mi 8 lite

Same here. Can’t open a game. It is crashing before opening.

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works afrer uninstalling and reinstalling
but then it download things, and starts crashing again.

It looks strange, but I have a similar problem with some other Android apps, but not all. I have not installed any Android OS upgrades today, but some applications are not working - crashing immediately after starting, so maybe our game is just vulnerable to some internal, Android issues. Let’s wait for devs response.

EDIT. Yep, it seems like a global issue with some Android services.



Same here. Crashes before going into the game

Please give more details if you can

Game is not opening or loading. Changed the networks as well. Even now it’s not working. Please check the issue. I am using Nokia 7.2 device.

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