Solution to war problems

Emblems and costumes have caused war to be more stressful than nessisary, and they will only get worse as time goes on as emblems/ costumes reach their full potential. The problem stems from people using an overpowered defence team with emblems/costumes that give huge stat boosts, making it difficult and frusturating to attack. Sure, you also can use YOUR stat boosted heroes to counter them, but you can only use those heroes once, and then you’re back to facing the same overpowered defence team once they respawn. Heres my solution to fix that:

During the setup phase of war, instead of choosing 1 defence team that keeps respawning upon each defeat, you choose 5. After your first team is defeated, it moves on to your second defence team you created, either with less respawn time or none at all. And after the 2nd team is defeated, it moves on to your 3rd choice and so on until the final 5th team is defeated, upon which you have no more defence teams.
This would mean youd only have to deal with each overpowered team once. Maybe you’d get a point bonus after finishing off someone’s final team too.

This would open up more possibilities for strategy:
-Do you put your strong defending heroes up first, or do you put them in the middle somewhere to leave a surprise for the enemy later on?
-Does your alliance focus on destroying strongest players to make them easier for your weaker teamates, or do you try focus to eliminate players completely for the point bonus?
-Do you make your defences go from strong to weak, or do you even them out a bit?

Such an aspect would also make tank color coordination fall apart since it’s unlikely that individual players would have enough good tanks of one color to hold up through 5 teams, let alone a whole alliance. That means if alliance dont use color coordinated tanks, you’ll have more options to attack them with, making it more enjoyable.

Another benefit is It would also make use of the heroes that would otherwise never be on your defensive team again, while making you think which heroes would benefit from what team the most.

This would also eliminate alot of weaker players feeling bad because keep hitting for insignificant points. Because by the end there should be alot more feasible targets for them to hit.

One unfair aspect of the game is that some alliances have a tactical advantage against another if their timezone lines up correctly, leading one alliance to attack straight away, while the other one scrambles for points once they wake up.
The 5 teams would eliminate that, since there wouldnt be a focus on attacking right away to take advantage of respawn times, and is more about how you attack rather than when you attack.

And perhaps most importantly, it will lead to a satisfying sense of progression, since you dont only just get points by defeating enemies anymore, you also get to see the team you attack progressively get weaker until they are outright eliminated. Every enemy you kill affects the rest of the war.

So in short, the benefits of this system would be:
• More strategy/teamwork options.
• Eliminate tank color coordination.
• Make use of more heroes.
• Weaker players feel less alienated.
• Eliminate timezone advantage.
• Satisfying sense of progression.


-“what if you dont have 5 teams?”
-Then you probably shouldnt be opting into war anyways.

-“So you’re telling me I built this strong defence team and now I cant use it for the whole war?”
-It will still play a big part in the war, and so would your other heroes that you spent time leveling that you otherwise wouldnt use.

-“If theres 5 defense teams, but everybody has 6 flags, wouldnt it be possible to completely eliminate an alliance with flags left over?”
-while unlikely, yes, maybe 6 defence teams is the answer.

-“You’re an idiot for suggesting change.”
-I know.

Your not an idiot for suggestion change… maybe for not learning from history though( bad humour). Look, when AW first came out there was stuff to overcome. Field aid and the other boosters were real problems for most… then you leveled enough after time it just became a minor nuisance. It might altar the way wars are fought a little but it’ll be the same as usual trust me.

Do you disagree with it though, or are you just saying it likely wont happen?

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I don’t want it changed. It’s the same for everyone and it’s the most fun part of the game in my opinion. The best part of War is working together as an alliance to win. If you change that the game will suffer. Most play the game long term for social reasons.


I guess that change should happen av been playing this game for long. I have 7 teams of 4*. the only 5* heroes i have is vivica n ornatel so unfair. N then facing the same 5* hero defence team each tym in alliance war thats unfair. If a team has been killed replace it with tge 2nd n 3rd n so on
I support u mate

It’s just like all the threads on here about field aid and attack boosts. They have been going on for two years… they never die. Did I hate field aid? Of course for a time when I was on the cusp of decent teams… but after awhile you level and now it’s just a minor nuisance and even quite enjoyable ( honestly true). These fully emblemed teams you mention … will only be fought by players who are top 5% ( though I’m sure some all-star with a stacked team will join a low alliance to be king and you might have to face him ). People will gain emblems as well and it’ll only take time before it’s the norm again

How high emblems do you typically see in your opponents? How high troop levels? Most common tank color you face? Just curious

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Thank you. I appreciate that

Here is my argument against that. Making it more difficult to one-shot teams successfully is necessary otherwise Wars become boring at a high level. Here is my reasoning: If you look at defences prior to Emblems being released, they were capped at 5x 5* heroes with no variety. Players in the top alliances would have a huge roster of 5* heroes (40-50+) who were equally as strong (since there were no emblems to power up the defence). Essentially you have a fairly equal matchup in terms of TP between attack and offence. But we know that the mechanics of the game heavily favours the offence (you get the make the first move after all!). Mechanics to help tip the balance in the defences favour (e.g. Field Aid, Attack Boost, the passive buff that defensive teams naturally get) weren’t enough to mitigate the advantage of the attacking team. It was very common for the top players to just 6-0 wars, barring a little bad board RNG.

Now, with emblems, as you rightly state, the offensive team is at a TP disadvantage. Not that TP means a whole lot, but you have beefier, stronger hard to defeat defences which is perfect. No longer are the one shots a guarantee. Certain abilities also adds more RNG which helps the defensive team e.g. Fighter’s Revive combined with Filed Aid. Above all, it mean that war teams need to adapt and change their strategies on the fly. These days, the battles are won not based on the members who can one-shot successfully, but determining who will be doing clean up (and doing it well).


Maybe you’ll find some interesting ideas to diversify wars in this thread:


Personally I think this is a great idea.
People are opting out of war more and more cause they don’t think their efforts matter. Our middle and lower players are the heart of the game. Why should they feel inadequate with the efforts they put in because of war being so freaking hard on them. War is suppose to be fun not stressful.

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Is this fair for players who focused on one strong war defense and troops instead of spreading out or lvling several heroes and troops?

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Welcome to the forum!!! Baby girl I think the problem is more in the alliances at the lower levels then in the system. Meaning- there is always such a variance in the tp and level of top guys and bottom… so you go to kill titans and it’s all good because the higher levels do Most of the carrying… but wars- your matches to roughly the same alliance and the lower rank peeps struggle to do well. That’s the frustration with wars for them not the system. When they work out of “low levels” it gets way better.