Solution to in game recruiting fail – Categorized Wanted Ads Posted by Players Looking for an Alliance

Recruiting in game is a mess. You have to slog through ad after ad and there seems to be more recruit seekers than actual recruits.

Why not add a section that is not a chat but a want ad sort of thing divided by a few categories. War/no War, casual players, active players, TP, # of Cups or along those lines and allow players to post with their personal defense team TP, # of war teams available w/top and bottom teams TP level, # of Cups, Casual or active player etc. and then add an invite button.

If categorized correctly, recruiters could find the types of players they’re looking for and chats can go back to being just chats since actual recruits rarely engage there…and in general chats move so fast the chances of anyone seeing what they’re looking for is slim.

Also could do the same for mergers.

It would be good in game, but there are lots of other venues to recruit from. Like the forums here. Or Facebook. So this feature would be nice but there are other features I’d rather them work on. Would you rather have Hero Academy or this (that’s the reality of software development with a small company)?

If they did do it, the biggest category I noticed when leveling up (this year), is the difference between free-to-play, cheap-to-play, and pay-to-win players. We are playing different games. Even though a free to play guild is currently better than me, if I have VIP, in a few months I quickly out strip them and there is no point in hanging around or joining (other than experience). The free to play especially are so slow leveling and everything.

And then there is the insanity of pay-to-win, where they use 4 star characters as feeders.

Basically, we are playing different games.

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