Solution to hit 3 buffers/ healers

With changes to tight formations in last patch, SG opened again an old problem…

Hit 3 buffers/healers are so much worse, than buffers/healers to all.
Their spell strenght is in some cases, just a slightly powerfull to 3 what normal healers do to 5. Difference is so small, you are generally better running 4* healers with costumes (Kiril, Melendor, Boldtusk with costumes,…) vs ares, zulag etc,…

Thats why I propose a change to buff 3 mechanic!

AFTER THERE ARE LESS THAN TWO ADJACENT HEROES, BUFF/heal GOES TO THE NEAREST ALLY! (it will still buff a maximum of 3 heroes, but at least diminishes their weakness with loosing an adjcent hero)

Vote for it and show some love to our Buff 3 weaklings :slight_smile:

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Are hit three heroes going to skip the holes as well? I understand the frustration (never leveled Zulag because of this, was thinking about it because of formations, will now probably never level her), but they were designed this way.

Despite being a heal 3, Kashrekk has always dominated defenses in his power bracket, so I don’t see strengthening him.

I feel bigger problem is with buff 3 heroes, even though nowadays heroes do soo much dmg to all (frigg, odin, morel, octros, and usually hit 3 heroes dont do anything significantly more…

I still think though, that changing hit 3 isnt neccesary at this point, but buff/heal 3 definately should be :slight_smile:

Well assuming you can charge Boril/Sif or any other retribution hero before any of those mentioned heroes goes of you have pretty high chance they will kill their own :wink: So hit 3 Buffs are not by means bad just because there are heroes who can buff all.

Yes in lower levels, Kashhrek and Boril are effective, higher lvls and amongs 5* heroes, 3* heroes buff is ridicoulusly underpowered…

even if you look 3* healers, you gonna use friar tuck or belith?

So Sif is underwhelming aswell? Don’t get me wrong, i totally understand where you come from and yes if you compare Zulag with lets say Agrafena or Kunchen she looks like a bad kiddy. On the other hand i know alot of players who for example use Zulag effectively on offense alongside a second supporter/healer. Usually Hit-3/Effect nearbies have some sort of niche-effect that makes them unique (see Brynhild, Sif or Zulag) and therefore valid.

This would make some target and nearby more valuable on the flank in defense. But I’m less worried about fixing their defensive power because I won’t bother unless they’re more valuable on offense. This would help that, but this isn’t the reason I don’t use target and nearby buffers on offense.

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I would hope that you’re only using Friar Tuck at very low levels. And yes, he is a hero that I only maxed once I got his costume. In his base form, he’s as useless as Prisca, Dawa, Renfield and Graymane. But as the list shows, he’s not alone in being a poor hero.

What is your reason to not use them on offense besides the obvious? Just curiousity :slight_smile:

Sif, who is amongst best 3 buffers if not the best, just got underwhelming, yes.

I am fairly certain, many people gave him darts just for the use of tight formations, which is now heavily hindered. Most would probably wish those darts back, especially if you have other choices…

This change though, could make him and other 3 hit buffers viable again.

I don’t think Sif is the best example to use to make the argument that these heroes have become underwhelming or that people will regret levelling them. Sif gets used a lot on offence with all the multi- hitters on defence teams and will still see lots of use regardless.

Now Zulag on the other hand…


Zulag on offense is also great with her defense-buff and buff against specialskills especially when combined with an attack debuffer preferably a fast one. It turns all those heavy multihitters into softies.

Compare Zulag or C.rigard on offence and defense and tell me who would majority rather use, even if they are gifted 6 tabards…

They both do different things. C-Rigard neither helps against massive AoE Damage cause of the missing initial heal nor does he prevent any damage. His job is to clean and buff and yes i have 2 of those with emblems and still use Zulag. Rigard is an offensive healer while Zulag is a defensive one.

Its not a question about whether to use one or the other but about can Zulag add something to your roster you otherwise don’t have? I have a total of 9 Cleaners but noone else like Zulag.

Well, I guess you are one of the minority then :slight_smile:

Anyway, how are you feeling about the proposed change for buff 3 heroes? Once adjacent heroes die, buff goes to the closest allied hero (still max 3 buffed heroes).

Not sure if i am part of a minority and i don’t care about it that much.

Honestly i don’t think that we need a change for hit 3 buffers/healers allthough buffs are always welcome :grin:

There is no unnecessary love needed for IMPACT (hit / heal / buff / debuff, etc) self / target & nearby called heroes.

These heroes have been designed = stats, purpose, power, etc for that exact role & certain players wanting them to become = deliver IMPACT (hit / heal / buff / debuff, etc) ALL is not in line with the context of these heroes = SG will NOT even pay attention bcoz, they have given the game all kinds of heroes, so why should they change these impact-3 into impact-all !!!

Personally, Kashrekk / Brynhild are the only impact-3 healers I have levelled & strategically use them, many times are 2nd healer.

Other impact-3 : hit, buff, debuff = no complaints before & post this change…

The rigard v zulag debate above is partially why. I’m on team rigard and I didn’t realize this was a big minority opinion. Source?

I also use mel over Brynhild. I’d even use Sabina over zulag.

Sif is different.

If I bring a healer I need the healer to heal my team not just a few of them.

I do use Glenda and Buddy. Both have a nearby “buff”. To me neither of their primary purposes is to buff so it’s another addition.

If zulag did half as much to all heroes, I’d like Zulag more.

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Who proposed idea, that impact 3 heroes, impact all? Certanly not me…

:rofl: what is the issue then… seems all’s well & you have no issues !

Happy playing !

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