Solution to fix gap between f2p & p2p hero problem

Here goes nothing. This is for the players, hopefully devs too :slight_smile:
Plain and quite simple, following change or similar is needed:

  • Loyalty Elemental souls
    Collect 5 random color per day, just like VIP (not consecutive) to get past desired hero(es).
    Perfect place for this would be the top of the Watchtower. Heroes are valuated by their age, appearance and rarity. Example: Magni (Basic S1) is worth 70 points. G.Panther (Old event hero) worth 200. Kageburado (Atlantis S2) worth 170. Gefjon (Valhalla S3) worth 300. Hotm Margaret worth 216. Etc.
    If you already have the hero the cost is multiplied by the amount of copies you have.

Waiting for other players opinions. Hopefully devs too.

I did a matrix for better visualization. And came up with some numbers. What do you think?

I’ve played E&P for about 2 years. I just came back from a two month break. Reasons for that break were mainly work-related. But I also got fed up with game development. I’ve been c2p and f2p depending on the mood and month. Currently the cap between f2p-p2p is simply too big.

Original idea updated.

I already see a flaw here. I can log in 200 times in less than a day. I mean, this can be abused.

Agree, it should be “log 200 days everyday and get 100 points”

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Such a loyalty bonus could be limited to 1 loyalty point per day (and maybe some extra points for 10/30/60/… day streaks).

As C2P veteran player who is tired of leveling the fifth Boldtusk and Grimm I’m in favour of anything that helps players who already have most/all TC heroes to get a few more paywall heroes. And I can already do quite a lot more summons compared to a strict F2P or even a VIP only vC2P player :grimacing:


Thanks for noticing that. Thats what I meant. Should be just like VIP works. Edited.

It is a good suggestion but let’s be a little realistic If there were any desire to close the gap between P2W and C2P players, the easiest thing SG can do with 0 development is to boost 4 Star Ascension Materials and Hero pull ratios…


I thought about daily points, it might be better. Although, 1 per day might be too much. Anyway, that’s another good option.

Not to mention they could eventually add S2 heroes and old HotM to TC20 (or add additional TC stages for that).

In 2017, there were 20 trainable 5* heroes and a dozen or so non-trainable ones. Now, there are still only the same 20 heroes available (+ a small 5 % chance at some non-trainables every week in HA10, which is very very hard to reach without VIP and second builder…), however we have an incredible amount of non-trainables heroes. It’s high time to make at least some of these heroes easier available…


This will actually help the p2w player a lot more…that’s even the only thing to limit p2w players. f2p oder c2p players will encounter a point where they have more mats than worthy heroes to ascend.


One shiny hero in 200 days is good. Agree with this. But I think than it should be more random.

So, let’s do a Puzzle Combat-like month calendar, and when on the end of each month there will be something nasty.
For example, in the end of first month - random 4* non-S1 hero which player do not have, month 2 - something like 30 costume keys, month 3 - random HA10 non-S1 hero, which player do not have, and then repeat during a year. I think this is normal catchup mechanics.
And 2 times a year do which TS suggests - allow players to choose one hero from a pull, with points and whatever (so, if you will take Garnet at first 6 months, you will skip next 6-month takeover). If you take HA10 hero instead, then you will not skip.

Paid players already can pay those items and achieve a 5 star ascension every 6 months or less. You underestimate this greatly. Remember just yesterday we had an Ascension material deal for 32.99 Euro.

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They can. But most of the time they buy offers to do more pulls. Even if they buy offers with ascension items they have like 3 or 4 worthy heroes to ascend in each color. They compete in challenge events for top places to earn their mats. They kill 14* titans everyday and get 1 4* ascension item per week.

To put it short: Most top players don’t buy item offers. They achieve getting a full set in about 3-4 months.

If you increase 4* AM drop rate they will go from 30 maxed 5* to 50 maxed in a short time.

I really do not recommend this.

I did a matrix for better visualization. Threw in some numbers to match the idea. What do you think?


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