Solution Needed Re: misuse of reporting in-game global chat

To Whom It May Concern

After all of our investigations we notice that some of players ban innocent players as us meanspiritedly. They have different groups and all members have small level accounts they organise meetings and they ban a person whom they don’t want the person to type something on global chat. We have an advice that your authorities can create a rule like players who is 4 -10 level they can’t ban other people etc. If you consider this advice we innocent players could play our lovely games in a peace. And we know all your rules and it’s for all players we do not want any tolerance but you can also protect us from this bad players

We kindly request a solution that we offer our advice to your valuable opinions. Your prompt response and actions are highly appreciated

Best Regards

Errrr…What? Im not sure I’m understanding the issue. Could someone explain or translate?


Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm:


does the change of topic title help?


Help massively. Thanks.

I would’ve thought any reports are investigated before bans are dished out. Is this not the case on the ingame global chat? If not then it really should be.
If it already is then I would wonder what is being said to get the report and resulting ban.

Just one gamer’s opinion

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There is a function where the system will kick in automatically with a certain number of reports. So yes, human review is involved, but could happen after initial action has taken place. The staff would definitely be reviewing any account that was creating a large number of reports.

I think that part of Ysera’s concern is that players may be making extra accounts to help create false reports. Having said that, I recently started an alt account and it’s rather tedious to get through the tutorial to level 4…


I do occasionally spend time in GC and some of the lower level players are bascially mini accounts. Spend about a hour a day for about a week and will be the same names here and there, i can think of at least 5-6 players that probably fit what the op is saying but they usally alright.
Most regular folk only block or report if players are spamming the chat.
There is also if players are being rude and disrespectful .


3/5 people have opened many lvl 4 accounts, and they are silencing everyone’s accounts by rapidly reporting those who send greetings and those who have questions about the game. When we ask the system why our account was silenced, it says it was silenced due to a serial report. The accounts of many good players have been constantly reported in this way for weeks. For this reason, the report is of course a right, but we demand that there be at least a lvl limitation.


How to stop this? My recruiter from our alliance got mass report for no reason. She never said anything bad but only recruit new member for our alliance and she got a message that she got report. She did nothing wrong but post we looking for 1 or 2 long team player. How can we stop this? The people reporting probably use low level account and not their main account for recruiting. What can empire and puzzle dev can do about this beside releasing new broken pay to win hero?


Yup i had my recuiter get a message from chat…
Got silenced.

Iv seen folk saying certain peoples names that are outrightly sending flase reports.

Im on it will be speaking to staff …:+1: :green_heart:


Dear empires and puzzles community, mods and any officials,

As the Turkish empires and puzzles community we have a plea. Please update your reporting system which is currently being used to mob people by virtual bullies. The reports should be evaluated in more detailed way, we are pretty sure that you will discover the same group of players who are constantly reporting their so called enemies or mobbing victims, to be fair. You declared that the report function cannot be abused or used as the whip to punish people so, we kindly ask you to keep your word. Please stand against these bullies who ruin the game. The chat mods can be very handy to solve this issue or limited reported capacity per user… or anything to stop it.

In Turkish general chat room, some small groups are coming together and they are reporting everybody who is talking about game or anything. They are reporting everybody and abusing the report function in game, they are using it to mob people. As a consequence of this organized mobbing activity people are getting banned and silenced in game chat. They push people out of the game and chat. We kindly request from the mods to investigate this properly or an updated report system which prevents such abuses.



I moved your topic to here . Am reporting to staff about this .


We experience the same problem many times every day. We are silenced by certain groups in a few sentences we write to the Turkish global community. The people who do this with bullying are people who have nothing to do with the game, and in this way, they removed the people who play the game from the game and caused the accounts to become crowded by silencing them for no reason. We want a solution to this issue


Türkiye genel sohbet odasında küçük gruplar bir araya gelerek oyun falan konuşan herkesi rapor ediyorlar. Herkesi rapor ediyorlar ve oyundaki raporlama fonksiyonunu kötüye kullanıyorlar, insanları mafyaya sokmak için kullanıyorlar. Bu organize mobbing faaliyeti sonucunda insanlar oyun sohbetinden yasaklanmakta ve susturulmaktadır. İnsanları oyunun dışına itip sohbet ediyorlar. Modlardan bu konunun doğru bir şekilde araştırılmasını veya bu tür suiistimalleri önleyecek güncel bir rapor sistemi talep ediyoruz.


Bazı olası hızlı düzeltmeler:

Kuralları açıkça belirtin, insanların her sohbette ne sıklıkta paylaşım yapabileceği vb.
altlardan gelen raporları kabul etmeyin, kolay düzeltme lvl20’nin altındaki raporları kabul etmemektir, örneğin daha gelişmiş versiyon aynı cihazdan/ip’ten birden fazla raporu kabul etmemektedir
Daha gelişmiş eylemler:

Yasağı uygulamadan önce kural açıklamasıyla birlikte uyarı gönderin, rapor sayacını sıfırlayın
Kalıcı yasaklama gibi ciddi işlemlerden önce manuel kontrol uygulayın
Daha da gelişmiş eylemler:

Askere alma çılgınlığını toparlayın: daha iyi ittifak araması, yeni oyuncular küresel, kademeli askere alma odaları yerine eğitim ittifakı askere alma sohbetine girmeli (tp’ye göre mi? zayiata göre mi?), ittifakı olmayan kişilere davet gönderme olanağı, vb.
Genel sohbet çılgınlığını toparlamak: İngilizce olmayan sohbetleri globalden çıkarmak için kural getirmek, sohbet odası değiştirme düğmesini daha görünür hale getirmek, başka şeyler?
İttifakta kurtarıcı rolünü tanıtın, lider atayabilir, çok daha yüksek maruz kalma nedeniyle kurtarıcılar için farklı yasaklama kuralları


Welcome to the forum …
English language is need to be used here thanks .


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Solution Needed Re: misuse of reporting in-game global chat
Ideas & Feature Requests

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Some possible quick fixes:

Clearly state the rules, how often people can post in each chat, etc.
do not accept reports from lower levels, easy fix is ​​to not accept reports below lvl20, for example the more advanced version does not accept multiple reports from the same device/ip
More advanced actions:

Send alert with rule description, reset report counter before applying ban
Apply manual checks before serious actions such as permanent bans
Even more advanced actions:

Wrap up the recruitment frenzy: better alliance search, new players should enter training alliance recruitment chat instead of global, tiered recruitment rooms (by XP? by casualties?), ability to send invites to people without alliances, etc.
Rounding up the general chat frenzy: making rules to exclude non-English chats from the global, making the chat room switch button more visible, other things?
Introduce savior role in alliance, can appoint leader, different ban rules for saviors due to much higher exposure

Also please use English in this part of the forum …


In Turkey’s general chat room, small groups come together and report everyone who talks about games or something, and for this reason we are banned. We gave 5 stars to this game, we have worked hard, and it will all be garbage, because of a few unnecessary ones, we want you to take action.


When I enter the game at any time of the day, every sentence I write about the game of the Turkish global, my conversations, my advertisements, my conversations are reported by bully people who come together from different groups, we are constantly silenced, these bullies who use this silence as a weapon alienate us from the game, there is an urgent need to regulate this reporting system. … And we want the issue to be dealt with urgently…!!


Hello, my name is Hamza, I have been playing this game for a long time, but now the game is at a dead end due to the deficiency in the system, because some ignorant people ban us for no reason or reason, we are falling behind in the general chat and the game. Therefore, we are experiencing problems with the game because people are banned in this game for no reason, please. Please find a solution to this issue as soon as possible and do what is necessary. Best regards.


Welcome to the forum I have sent this topic for staff to read.

Being out of office hours they wont see it till the morning , Please be patient.


Hello, I’m about to regret playing your game. Punishing unnecessary people and unnecessary things leads us to alienate ourselves from the game and quit the game. Because of the flaws in your game, I get banned several times a day, unnecessarily and without any reason, because of some ignorant people. The reason for this is that I don’t only chat with my friends. If chatting is the reason for ban, then why? You have opened the global chat room. I would like you to do the necessary research on this issue and correct the situation on this issue. We request that it be investigated before imposing unnecessary bans on us as punishment.