Solution for DUPES!

Since hero boosting beyond what is currently known for is in the works,
why not just connect both ideas, so you solve two problems at once. :slight_smile:

Disbanding dupes would net you coins/tokens/keys to pull from portal and a chance to obtain crystal shard (legendary item shard). So it would follow same principle as hero portals… you are trying hard to get extra crystal shards to craft legendary loot, explained here :

Currently, high level players as well as F2p players have not many options to either find challenge/excitement/ diversity in game or in case of F2p cant climb wall to higher ranks with the drop rariry of special heroes…

Tournament rewards, challenge prizes, high level titans and rare quests HAVE A CHANCE to drop CRYSTAL SHARD.
Finishing certain stages of story mode gives one crystal shard.

Crystal shards alongside materials, such as dragon bones, orichalchum and other matierals of higher rarity would be used for crafting LEGENDARY items, which would be made at advance forge (new building).

LEGENDARY ITEMS can be used to enchance a hero (only 1 item per hero).

3* HEROES gets biggest bonuses from legendary items ( example : 80-150 attack, 80-150 defense, 100-200 hp or boost to mana generation ) // reason being, they got crappiest of equipment currently

4* HEROES gets moderate bonuses from legendary items ( example : 40 - 80 attack, 40- 80 defense, 50-100 hp, or moderate boost to mana generation // reason being, their primary equipment is already good

5* HEROES gets no bonuses from legendary items but can get a certain shift of stats ( boost to attack - loose some defence, boost to defence - loose some attack, boost to mana generation - loose some attack and defence (usefull for slower heroes) // reason being, they already have legendary equipment, so if they wish to use new equipment, they have to throw something away.

Legendary items would be rarer than 4* ascension mats (basically for every 10 4*AM - you get 5 crystal shards on average, and you require 4 to craft one legendary item (alongside other materials)

3 types of legendary items : // example for 3* HEROES

LEGENDARY SWORD * focuses heavier on attack stat, less on defense, average on HP
LEGENDARY SHIELD * focuses heavier on defense stat, less on attack, high on HP
LEGENDARY HAT * focuses on mana generation boost, medium attack, less on defense, low on HP (legendary hat can be used only for slow and very slow heroes)
LEGENDARY CAPE * focuses on health boost, lowers attack, lowers defense, increase casters special dmg and healing by 5% stacking to 20%. ( option for faster caster type heroes)

This addition would bring 3* and 4* more into the mix, offer more diversity to approaches, and give legendary 5* SLOW heroes better chance to compete with fast heroes.

It wouldnt be gamebreaking since every player can only equip few heroes, beacuse of the rarity…
Reset buttons item can uneqip hero of legendary item and you can put it on some other hero.


added :

5* Heroes, who are already heavily invested into one stat, would already carry (in case of Telluria) ‘’ invisible’’ legendary shield item) and you can only take them offensive route. Since she isnt slow, you cant also put legendary hat item on her :wink:

In case of Azlar (heavily on offense and slow), you can put legendary shield item (def buff for some attack debuff) or wizard hat ( increase to average for some attack and defense stat)

well, since a lot of other games are already doing this …
maybe SG can try this out too?

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Well i only play this, good to hear this idea is accepted :slight_smile:

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