Solución para subir héroes


Estoy empezando a cansarme del juego por culpa del propio juego que no me da héroes de 4 o 5 estrellas ni me deja subir los héroes por que los botes del titan son una basura y solo ahí o pagando es como se consiguen los elementos necesarios y faltantes. O se soluciona o iremos abandonando el juego poco a poco


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I’m starting to get tired of the game because of the game itself that does not give me heroes of 4 or 5 stars does not let me raise the heroes why the titan boats are trash and only in the pay is how to get the necessary and missing elements . Or it is solved or we will leave the game little by little


The game doesn’t guarantee heroes of any particular strength/stars, though it is possible to get them for free if you roll long enough:

TC12 (Training Camp lvl 12) = 3* guaranteed

TC13 = 3*, with a chance of 4*

TC20 = 3*, with a chance of 4* or 5*

What do you mean, it doesn’t let you raise your heroes? Do you mean, you are waiting on ascension items? Everyone is…

I get ascension items from:

  • Titan loot drops
  • Wanted chests (upper left of screen)
  • Rare elemental Wanted chests (purple)
  • Quests (like Farholme Pass, etc)
  • Mystic Vision

Naturally the items don’t drop from every occasion, but they DO drop over time.

Good luck!