Solstice Day one offers are not worth it

At $2.99 you get 600 gems :gem: from other portals
At 29.99 you get 20 pulls or 1000 tokens + 3000 gems

I’m skipping Day One Offers

If one were to buy all the offers it equates to 8400 gems. Which, conveniently, is exactly the amount required for a 30 pull.


Maybe I just haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning, but isn’t the 500 gem deal a better “value” than the 2,700 offer?

Based on USD pricing:

500 gems / $2.99 = 167.2 gems per $

2,700 gems / $19.99 = 135.1 gems per $

Doesn’t SG normally increase the “value” the more gems you buy?

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I worked out the math.

Just focus on the discount.

If you are not in a hurry to summon, wait for rest of ToM offers. Plus Sands offers.

I think BF had a second round of offers too.

Best gem-based offers are the Season offers.

Seasonal offers generally not as good.

Some regular non-season offers are okay, but combined with other stuff.

BF gem offers weren’t good too.

Use this link for a comparison of Season offers:


BF offers were exactly the same thing (the first round, which we see for Solstice now). The second BF was way worse (it was revamped BK offer from previous years which was truly terrible). The tier 1 from today’s Solstice offer is not that bad (166 gems per $1), though there are better, but tier 2 is really bad (135 gems per $1).

Now at least there are ToM offers and also Sand Empire ones (though these are not really interesting lately either). With deluge of offers that starts blotting out entire screen we may see also something else.

In a way it’s good to have alternative offers for players who are open to spend some. They can pick n choose.

The ToM offers are a better deal for gems. Just need to be patient and wait for new offer daily.

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Anyone know just when the Zynga Store is coming? That might be the whale lounge bar with shrimp and cocktails! Maybe a VIP discount away from the riff raff :rofl: :sweat_smile: :rofl:

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When the coast is clear for Zynga to have their own proprietary in-app purchase system alongside both Apple/Google IAP systems.

Once dual payment systems are allowed, players will have a choice of buying from Apple/Google IAP systems or Zynga direct via a link.

They will need to consider the security of Dev’s payment system and CS standards, at least.