Solo Together - a no-chat/quiet alliance

Looking for members who can take care of themselves, and have no desire to chat in game or out. No politics or waking up and having to read detailed war strategies.

I’ve been playing in a solo alliance for a while now, it’s great, no pressure and no dealing with idiots. Decided that adding other people would be fine if they are of the same mind.
Low requirements, just looking for decent participation (I won’t kick inactive unless we are against the member limit) and either war opt-out or all flag usage. Either is fine.

Main goal is to leverage alliance benefits and still play with a solo mindset.

Anyone contemplating a second account, this would be a great alliance to be in as well. No need to wake up to 50-100+ new chat messages and feel the need to catch up on two accounts. Just log in, do what you need to do and log back in to your main.

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