Solo Alliance


I put my alt accounts in solo alliance. I also said that the alliance do not accept member but they requested to join anyway. If you ignore them, not for long, they will already join another alliance.

One of my friend pranked me by requesting to join, and of course I find joy in rejecting him… :smiling_imp:

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Hey, how did you know? Nice to see the Korean flag but you guys are full!


Thank you :blush:

Filling 20 chars—my cat likes that there’s a character named Gato but wonders why not a cat :cat2:? :thinking:

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I heart that Gato is spanish word for cat, but it is actually from alliGATOr… :cat::crocodile:


The problem with solo alliance is that you won’t get stronger titans, and the loot from stronger titans is significantly better - including ascension items.
Personally, I’d prefer to join some quiet alliance and opt out from wars instead of creating a solo alliance. But that’s just my opinion.

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Ah-ha! Now that makes sense! :crocodile: