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Hello Everyone!

This is my first time posting in general, and I apologize if this question has come up before. I looked for a bit and couldn’t find anything, but this is sort of a weird question.

I started an alliance because I wanted to have the option to fight Titans. I’m not really interested in Alliance Wars or raiding—I just want to sort of quietly play in my corner because I’m having fun with the game and I like it.

I turned the box off that said I was interested in Alliance Wars and put my settings to invitation only, and I’ve had the to be expected raids, but otherwise it’s fine. Except recently I started getting requests. After the first two (I didn’t accept) I put a note up that I wasn’t accepting invites. Now I have a couple of new requests and I feel sort of conflicted.

I feel like an Alliance Leader should want to participate in Wars and do all of the social aspects of the game I don’t want to do right now. I also feel like if I accepted invites I would have a responsibility, including the behavior of the members on forums, etc., that I would rather not have. I’m not an anti-social person, per se, just grew up playing console games and I’m not comfortable with the whole online gaming world. Some of you (a lot of you?) are probably scratching your head and wondering why I’m even here.

I don’t want to seem rude by consistently refusing invites, but I do want to fight titans when I feel like it. Occasionally I win. :grin: I’m just a CTP player who does it for fun. I know I could also be seriously overthinking this, and when I reject invites people couldn’t care less? But I grew up before there was internet (not that I’m going to admit to how old I am :grin:) and having seen it develop, feel like I may be a little more “old-fashioned” in terms of being polite.

People have a lot of reasons for playing, creating alliances, etc. Given that, and the fact that there are a lot of alliances out there, I’m guessing that the people sending me requests can find a good home somewhere with a good alliance leader. Or should I just set my trophy requirements so high everyone thinks I’m a jerk and isn’t interested?



Play how you want to play, and don’t worry about anyone feeling bad about your not accepting invites. Happens allllllll the time. You do the best you you can do and let others worry about themselves.

PS - old console / solo RPG player here too. But I found an alliance of adults that is competitive enough but also chill that I like it. Maybe that happens for you. Maybe you stay solo. Just play and enjoy and kick Titan butt.


You are not doing any damage to the other person by rejecting. There are literally thousands of alliance in the game recuiting, a player can show up in AR “naked” will end up with 10 offers in seconds.

Relax and enjoy your game time, the others will do the same also. :blush:


How did you figure out how to post? I’ve been looking for how to for the last 45 min

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You need to read a certain amount of posts before you can post also if I remember correctly.

ugh ok. Thats irritating

@MauiMax, do whatever you want. I’m also a bit of an older gamer, age doesn’t matter one bit. Neither does how you want to play. Leave your alliance as is. No reason to change a thing if you don’t want too.

That said, if you pick and choose alliance members you can go after the higher * Titans, gaining better rewards, eventually you may want to reconsider your current play style. But if you are having fun now just do what gives you enjoyment. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Good luck and May RNGesus smile upon you :+1:


Probably titans will escape very often, if you’ll stay alone in your alliance. Since you’re able to kick every unwanted from your ally, you could set it to open and give some hints in the description about how you wanna play.

If you enjoy your solo, you may suggest a third alliance type ‘closed’ as feature request.


If you don’t want requests, you can just set the trophy requirement to 4000, nobody can apply.
Just play the game the way you want.


There are some notable forum devotees who have enjoyed solo alliances @jedon and @Tough_E_Nough


I think it’s polite enough to have the statement, that you’re not recruiting members. If players prefer not to read it (what’s not polite), they have to deal with the rejection.



20 agreeing agreements


Thank you to everyone who responded (so far). I have made it more clear that I’m not recruiting, and will continue playing as I have been without overthinking it! :blush::+1:


Woah. Nice work finding the key to recruiting is to tell people you’re not recruiting!

For anyone looking for an alliance, don’t check my alliance out! We’re having too much fun by ourselves! Seriously, just let us be, winning all our wars and beating every titan. We only accept the best anyway! Please don’t apply!


I am also a solo alliance, i spanked Tough_E_Nough is war quite recently…


I will give you my 2 cents:

There are a lot of types of people out there and like in your day to day life, you don’t like everybody and everybody don’t like you but one of the best aspects the game brought to me was the people I met in real life from the game.

Playing in alliances full of people allows you to meet and know people from around the world and making friends in that process is very plausible…

There’s no problem on playing solo but one day the game will end and all the friends you make don’t!!!

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Ok, I’ll bite, what alliance are you in?


A Guardian Reborn member would never reveal his alliance to recruit in a non recruiting section.


^^ He’s a smart one! :grin:

@ OP: As others have said, I’d set your cups to 4000, your door to invite only and it will be a non-issue. Welcome to the game and Forum! :slight_smile:


@Rook So so smart! :wink:


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