So I got a soft ban this morning, but I don’t know why, pretty sure I haven’t done anything to deserve a ban🤔

Also another alli member got a soft ban at the same time and isn’t even able to post something in the alli chat :thinking:

Well, maybe u was writting something bad about other players and they gave you softban / chat ban for few days.

It’s pretty common and u should be fine soon

If he knew what he had done, he would not ask. We can’t recall any reason that would justify a ban.
Same with the other member. Both of them haven’t given any reason what they did wrong.

It’s fine to ban people for wrongdoing, but it’s not ok to not give them a reason at least.
Two people from the same alliance getting banned at the same time without any reason seems very suspicious for me.

So @Petri I’m friendly asking for Osiris’ case to be looked into because I’m not happy with it when two players, who had been in my alliance at the same time of their ban, are getting targeted without any reason.

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Yeah it’s not fair to ban anyone without giving any reason, but noone is getting banned for not doing anything.

They should create mail to the support and wait for the answers :wink:

(sometimes it’s faster than waiting for admin here :smiley: )

He did that.

And no, I know of cases when there was no reason but only a lot of people reporting at the same time to bully the person.
Believe me, I know how it goes and what to do.

I’m quite sure, there isn’t any reason for banning me from the chat

The only response you will get on the forums is a statement that they don’t discuss such matters publicly and the thread will be closed. If you haven’t done so already, use the ‘Submit a request’ link on the following page for the best chance of a response.

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