So with November coming to an end, how do you guys find Thoth?


A bunch of people probably have him leveled to max now and tested through and through. What do you think about him? Raids, events?

Is his animation block making him unplayable in events and titan fights? Is he good regardless? Would he suck even if he wouldn’t slow things down?

I’m sitting on a few trap tools and Tiburtus is near ready to snag them, but with 4 Tabards and 6 tools total I began to wonder if I shouldn’t give them to Thoth instead. Don’t want to waste them though, Tibby will certainly be a solid choice too.


I have Thoth, 2nd Sartana, and Tiburtus. I faced the same dilemma of who to level. I’d think most people would say go with the 5* but the amount of damage Thoth does is minimal. The minion thing is cool and it’s nice that they take the damage first but I don’t find him that useful. His special does take long to cast but that’s not his weakness in titan hits. His weakness is that he’s not a single hitter and what he does hit is 215%. I had the choice to level 2 and I chose my second Sartana and Tiburtus. Tiburtus hits harder and reduces sheild. He is one of the better 4* hitters in my opinion. Plus the odds of you getting 4 more trap tools before you get 2 more tabards are pretty good. At least in my experience.


Thot seems ok. I don’t have him and haven’t seen him much in raids either. Hel, the previous purple montly is far better and so is Sartana. I don’t really see myself replacing either one with Thoth so not going to spend gems on getting him. But compared to Tibertus, sure level him. At level 80 he will be superior. Do you have other defense breakers, like Athena, Grimm or Gormek?


Got Gormek, fully ascended. I’m mostly considering Tiburtus cause I’ve no useful purple hero for events and cause I don’t know if Thoth is worth all of these ascension items. If I’m better off waiting for a different purple hero (sadpanda, I hoped I was good there), might as well give stuff to Tibby in the meanwhile seeing how it took me since early August to find 6 trap tools and 4 tabards total…

That’s a wee bit too slow for my taste. One could think in 4 months I might be able to ascend more than 1 purple hero lol…


He sucks! They need to improve him! I won’t be wasting ascension items on him until they make him worth it!