So with Aeron and Alassie around for a bit.....How are they fitting in?

Are they proving worthwhile to your teams?
How are you using them?

I have both but not maxed, from a defensive perspective, from a raids standpoint, Alasie id’s a real pain. Specially if she’s protected by a healer i.e Guin, etc… worst yet if she gets an attack buff. Just deadly… Aeron doesn’t post much of a threat, I presume he’ll be of better use during a raid attack or Titans mainly…

sorry to be off topic, but - Happy Birthday!

Hahaha… Thanks a ton… Party time ! You’re all invited…

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Awesome - happy birthday! Should I bring anything?

:smile: :smile: Bring a friend, the more the merrier…

I’m really liking them both, so far i have skittleskull, alasie, Aeron, boldtusk, and the guardian jackel, thats my main attacking team, with boldtusk and Aeron they heal my guys quick, alasie and the guardian jackal are great together i like her becuase she hits hard and her ability charges up quick, skittleskull is a great hitter for everyone. Theres my two cents, but I like them both on the team I have so far.