So why isn’t SG doing anything about Thoth-Amun since everyone is complaining

Seen so many threads about how bad he is and the fact that he is a HOTM, shouldn’t SG do something about it? :tired_face:

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Right. Toth is just so 2017. Whining about Aegir is the order of today. Thorne? Who?


Oh my god what have i done?!

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Link the threads here? I haven’t seen many outside of the one i already commented on. I didn’t vote though but i rarely vote on anything, idk if i have ever voted. Being limited on votes makes it tough to choose

Honestly if i had every other blue 5* in the game maxed and my choices were down to thorne or aegir, I’d probably go thorne lol. But not the topic of this thread.

Any ideas about a thoth buff?

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