So whom should I use, Kelile or Scarlett?

So I have started recently and managed to score Bloodtusk, Kelile and Scarlett. I already have 2 healers (Vivica and Melendor) that are far better than anything I have in their colors. So I’ve shelved Bloodtusk and I’ve been using Scarlett and I think I may be better off with Kelile and I wanted opinions.

I’m still ascending and leveling all my heroes. If it helps here’s my lineup (all my 4 star purples are healers unfortunately)

  • Athena
  • Scarlett (with her ability at level 4, but not ascended)
  • Vivica
  • Melendor
  • Chao

I would put Kelile on my defense team and Scarlett on my raid team. Both are good solid heroes.