So. Who pairs well with sands of time

I got ranna and yunan and elizbeth paired up togather so now I need a purple or blue healer and a purple or blue 5* attacker I want to run full rainbow :rainbow: who would you guys choose?

i use clarissa/darklord so its like back to oldtime dot meta team…for blue probably glenda/vela …

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I have CarlIssa and Glenda! So that could work for me!

Is it c Rana? Then the DOT would stack well with yunan.
For blue I would say frosth. Minions are technically DOT anyways and frosth is one of the best heroes to use in map stages. And frosth’s minions can help sustain you for sometime.
Freya for purple? More minions galore and she pairs really well with frosth


Yeah I have both sitting at 70 waiting for accession items I like the idea of frosth healing the minoins

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I have Rana cutom and Yunnan so I have switch them around to fit

I find that frosth alone is enough as the healer of the team. He pretty much ensures survivability most of the time. And Once his second and third wave of minions come out, the minion damage output would get significantly better overtime. That is for regular quests and he’s really fun to use there.
Raids not as much, you may still need a healer just in case. And elemental link just means you need to stack at least one blue with him

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Lady lock and grave maker and rigard for attack up and clanse and heal