So what's new with 1.12.1?

Haven’t seen anything in the news category about the update, is it just to Re-enable wars or was something else adjusted?

Some modest nip and tuck regarding resources from raiding, just some polishing to remove the rough edges.

And the devs *** DEVASTATED *** Zeline. That too.

No clue. No Release notes, no update notice. Just a pop up on my screen saying update after the maintenance break

That was 1.12, I’m asking about 1.12.1 which only became available for me minutes ago.

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Possibly the final adjustment for wars, since they ended up not resuming with the big update. And they have this habit of being mum with “minor” updats

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I would bet that it has something to do with the bugs fixes.


LOL ok my bad. Totally skipped the essential .1 when reading 1.12.1.

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I believe this is what you are looking for:


Awesome thanks very much =D

Could it have also been to address the graphic silhouette issue many players have reported seeing in raid opponents post 1.12 update?

I’m sure that would fall under “various bug fixes and minor adjustments”… :wink:

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Thx, Rook thx thx 20 thx

Bug fixes and minor adjustments huh? Minor like…?

Dev 1: Hey man, we have a bunch of players reporting portrait loss in heroes after 1.12.
Dev 2: Dude! I compiled code and things looked ok…
Dev 1: Wait, did you forget to close the bracket at line ###### that would give the heroes’ their faces?
Dev 2: Looks and gives an aha moment Whoa, I must’ve not had my afternoon coffee then!
Dev 1: Oh, you silly goose…
Dev 2: Hahaha~
Dev 1 and Dev 2 High fives and closed the ticket

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Was that an actual question? :thinking: :wink:

Observation and guess as to what might be considered “minor adjustments” to the programmers.

Guesservation…. If you will.

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Devs doing high fives? Nah, so 80’s. I bet they do fist bumps though.

Either way, both high fives and fist bumps spread considerably less germs than handshakes. Gotta -hand- it to them devs for being health conscious!

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Just consider any new update without feedback from devs as a loot decreaser. It’s the only common denominator of all updates (elemental chests nerfed, monster chest loot nerfed, raid chest loot nerfed, all left is titan loot)
“Hey people are getting X loot and we had a drop on purchases of offers, let’s take away more loot and see what happens”

Hmm, my takeaway was this was the largest hero group buff I’ve seen since I don’t know when.

I still want more buff, but a step in the right direction…

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Yes! But it was on 1.12 update! I agree totally.
But I was talking about today’s 1.12.1… no details on why a new one was released just shortly after… those are the ones that scare me, because it’s always headed to bad outcomes

Well I know there were a number of items posted on the FAQ changelog, all related to War. Have you seen it?

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