So what does the 35.1 release notes mean?

So now we have to pay you gems for a new feature that was previously free?

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What bit of the release notes do you mean? I cant see anything in there relating to paying gems for stuff that used to be free?

  • Friendly matches energy can only be bought from Shop if you are in an Alliance

I am assuming that relates to refills for the friendly battles if you want to fight more than 5 a day

And that they have changed it in the shop so as if you are not in an alliance there is no chance to buy by mistake


I’m just a natural cynic i guess. Thanks for taking the time.

EDIT: what you say makes perfect sense btw.


So basically now our alliance training grounds stand on a loaned plot which we have to pay fee if we want to do more than 5 trainings a day? I don’t get why we cannot train for free.


As much as I do criticise SG, I don’t see the issue here.

Friendly matches against your own alliance members are a new addition and we’re capped at 5 ‘free’ matches a day on release.

If they allowed unlimited matches that could create huge network traffic which has to be paid for.

I think 5 free matches a day and the option to buy flasks if you want more is pretty fair


To be clear; there is NO CHANGE to how friendly matches works…

You still get 5 free attacks per day (like before)

The only change is that the shop option to buy more attacks is disabled if you’re not in an alliance. I.e. stops people accidentally buying it if they can’t use them, like is the case for WE and Raid Refills if your energy is already full.


So a QOL improvement rather than a sneaky cash grab! No wonder it confuses people.


Might have been less confusing if they had worded it a little differently:

  • Friendly matches energy refills can only be bought from Shop if you are in an Alliance

Yes, sure. A QOL change would be to allow us to queue multiple heroes on HA10. Or allow us to do 3 trainings at a time instead of two, on HA.

This release is yet another way to spend gems, not a QOL.


And when will they fix the known mistakes that the heroes have? About the year2030


Where is Serbian baner???

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